Will there be an XDefiant Battle Royale?

Ubisoft’s XDefiant is the latest FPS looking to steal the crown from Call of Duty, but will it also add a battle royale mode later down the line? Here’s everything we know.

XDefiant has made quite a splash in the first-person-shooter community, with over a million players enjoying its closed beta. Content creators like FaZe Jave already feel it can surpass COD titles like Modern Warfare 2, thanks to its ranked play and early use of unique factions.

But after the success of Call of Duty with Warzone and its sequel, many players are wondering if XDefiant will enter the battle royale market as well when it’s full release. Here’s everything we know about XDefiant Battle Royale.

Is XDefiant Battle Royale In Development?

Developers have confirmed XDefiant Won’t Have Battle Royale That’s when it launches, and it doesn’t look like there are any plans to add the mode in the future.

In a February 2023 tweet, Ubisoft executive producer, Mark Rubin mentioned that XDefiant CoD will continue to be a multiplayer-style shooter going forward.

He said: “The team and I at Ubisoft are making a multiplayer FPS called XDefiant. We’re completely focused on making a great and fun arena shooter. No br. And we’re not looking for any new games after this.” Growing up. We’ll keep making this game better! That’s it.”

While many fans will surely be disappointed that XDefiant won’t be getting its own battle royale mode, Rubin confirmed that other fan-requested modes are in the works, such as Search and Destroy or Cyber ​​Attack-like One-Life playlists. Modern Warfare 2.

After the stupendous success of games like PUBG and Fortnite, the FPS franchise has tried to create its own take on the battle royale genre. Battlefield V brought the Firestorm mode, and reports have suggested that a Halo BR is also in development.

However, it looks like the XDefiant devs are happy to stick with the arena shooter for the foreseeable future. If plans change, we’ll be sure to update this page with the latest details.

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