Where to find safes in Fortnite: All locations & how to open

Fortnite’s Vaults are a great source of Gold Bars and XP that you can find during a match, and we’ll go over exactly where you can find their locations as well as how to open them.

When you jump into a game of Fortnite, you’ll need to search around the map for high-level loot if you want to come out on top, including powerful weapons, shields, and Gold Bars, which are used to buy items. can go.

One way for you to get Gold Bars and some XP is to search through safes on the map. Some of these can be hard to find because they are well hidden, and we’ve got you covered with all their locations.

Where to find safes in fortnite

While safes can be found scattered throughout the map, you can find the largest number of them here leaning towers And rave caveSo we recommend visiting those places if you want to find them easily.

here are the safest places Fortnite,

  • inside multiple buildings leaning towers
  • on the higher floors of rave cave
  • inside most buildings chrome cross roads
  • on the docks and inside some buildings dazzling lagoon
  • on the lower floors of buildings Shimmering Shrine
  • on the top floors of buildings cloudy

how to open a vault in fortnite

When You See A Vault In Fortnite, That’s All You Need press and hold the interact button until it opens. This may take some time as these safes have security protocols that will be gradually bypassed.

One of the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 Bargain Bin Week challenges requires you to open a vault, and this handy guide should make it nice and easy to complete. If you want to avoid competition from other players, you can try to land in a less populated area.

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Image credits: Epic Games / fortnite.gg

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