Where is Cozy Lodge in Fortnite? How to find pizza for Winterfest Quest

Fortnite’s Winterfest holiday event is here, bringing back classic winter-themed items and giving players free gifts. There are also some Winterfest quests to complete, so find a cozy lodge and a slice of pizza here.

With December comes the holiday season and all the biggest live service games are celebrating. While Apex brought the Wintertide Collection event and Modern Warfare 2 gave the shipment map a festive overhaul, Epic Games went all-out with Fortnite’s Winterfest event.

There are free prizes like Gruff Gringle and Curling Iron emotes to unlock, as well as a gift to open each day. That’s not all though, as the Winterfest quest has also gone live.

Fortnite players are tasked with checking out Cozy Lodges to possibly find a slice of pizza, so we’re answering ‘where is Cozy Lodge’ to help you find those pizza slices.

fortnite cozy lodge location

Fortnite’s Cozy Lodge isn’t actually a place you can go on the Battle Royale map Find it by clicking on the snowflake icon on the home page,

This will take you to a screen with a view of the lodge, so simply click on the ‘Visit Lodge’ button in the top right corner. You will now be in the Lodge where you can open Winterfest Presents for free skins and other rewards.

How to find a slice of pizza for the Fortnite Winterfest Quest

once you’re in FortniteWinterfest Lodge, Find a slice of pizza somewhere on the screen and then click on it,

After clicking, the pizza slice disappears and 10,000 XP will appear on the screen to reward you for finding it.

Head to the Cozy Lodge and find Pizza on three different days, which will complete the Winterfest Quest, helping you finish the Battle Pass and earning Super Level Styles and rewarding you with 16,000 XP.

You can also click on the fireplace to warm up with the fire and collect some supercharged XP.

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