When is the GTA Online 2022 Winter update?

GTA Online’s Winter Update is probably the most wonderful time of the year, and if you’re curious to know all about it we’ve got you covered.

Even after GTA 6 kicked off, there are still plenty of players taking to all things GTA Online with GTA 5’s multiplayer component still proving surprisingly popular.

The 2022 Halloween update brought back the usual array of scary content for players to enjoy, and now that it’s wrapped up, fans of the game are now looking forward to the Winter update.

We’ll outline the things you can expect to see in the update as well as when it might drop.

GTA Online 2022 Winter Update Release Date

The GTA Online Winter Update comes out in mid-December every year, so expect content to arrive in between December 14-16,

This would be a fairly accurate assumption and makes more sense given that the weekly update drops every Thursday, and falls on Thursday, December 15, 2022.

We’ll obviously have to wait for official confirmation from Rockstar, but the rumored date above is likely when the Winter update will arrive. gta online, Once the date is live, we’ll be sure to update this guide to keep you informed.

GTA Online 2022 Winter Update Content

One of the reasons players look forward to the Winter update to GTA Online is because it brings snow, themed decorations and settings, as well as fun rewards that can’t be obtained all year round.

The charm of throwing grenades can eventually take its toll, so throwing snowballs at civilians and other players can be a nice change of pace.

We wouldn’t expect a huge drop in content in the way that the Cayo Perico Heist delivered, given that The Criminal Enterprises DLC served as 2022’s major DLC element.

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