When are FIFA 23 World Cup FUT Heroes coming to Ultimate Team? Team 2 revealed

During FIFA 23’s World Cup festivities, Ultimate Team players will have a great opportunity to promote their team with World Cup FUT Heroes.

FUT Heroes have proven to be excellent additions to the Ultimate Team squad in FIFA 23. Thanks to their unique chemistry properties and top-tier stats, FUT Heroes have established themselves as some of the best cards in FIFA 23 alongside Icons.

The World Cup has taken over Ultimate Team, giving players a chance to have fun. EA released enhanced versions of the standard FUT Heroes called World Cup FUT Heroes, and these cards are expected to dominate Ultimate Team.

Here’s everything you need to know about World Cup Heroes in FIFA 23.

World Cup FUT Heroes finally make their way into FIFA 23 as World Cup content arrives on Ultimate Team 11 November and team 2 arrived 18 November,

The World Cup turns the focus on FUT Heroes as they hit the Ultimate Team packs during the Path to Glory promo. path to glory team 1 will arrive on November 11, and team 2 The World Cup with Ultimate Team Promo arrives on November 18 with two teams from FUT Heroes.

World Cup FUT Heroes are upgraded versions of exclusive FUT heroes in FIFA 23. In total, 28 FUT heroes will receive a special World Cup item to celebrate important moments in past World Cup tournaments. They will replace their base FUT Hero version while in the pack.

Interestingly, these rare World Cup FUT Heroes designs are featured in a unique collaboration with Marvel EA Sports,

Unlike the standard World Cup player items that come with Ultimate Team, these World Cup heroes will be permanent within FUT 23 and will not disappear as the World Cup event draws closer.

World Cup FUT Heroes FIFA 23 Pre-Order Bonus Release Date

FIFA 23 players who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition by August 21, GET YOUR GUARANTEED FIFA WORLD CUP FUT HERO PLAYER ON 11 NOVEMBER,

The World Cup FUT Hero Player item is of the Untradeable type, which means that you will not be able to list it on the Transfer Market. The World Cup Hero pre-order bonus player item will be one of 28 added to FIFA 23.

It is important to note that as Team 1 was launched on November 11, this pre-order bonus item may include a World Cup Hero from both Team 1 and Team 2. In other words, it is not exclusive to Team 1 which was released on the same day. ,

All FIFA 23 World Cup Heroes

Here’s a list of all the World Cup Heroes coming to FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team. The player items in the table below will replace their standard versions in packs during the World Cup event.

player name crew place Federation Nation rating
yaya tore 1 cm Premier League Ivory Coast 89
park ji-sung 1 cm Premier League South Korea 87
Ricardo Carvalho 1 cb Premier League portugal 89
Claudio Marchisio 2 cm serie a Italy 88
landon donovan 2 CF mls America 88
Freddy Jungberg 1 lm Premier League Sweden 88
Tim Cahill 2 scheduled tribe mls Australia 88
Joe Cole 2 lm Premier League england 88
George Campos 1 gk mls Mexico 88
Javier Mascherano 1 cdm Premier League Argentina 89
rafael marquez 2 cb Laliga Mexico 89
Lucio 1 cb Bundesliga Brazil 90
diego forlan 1 scheduled tribe Laliga Uruguay 91
peter crouch 1 scheduled tribe Premier League england 86
thomas brolin 2 rw serie a Sweden 89
harry cavell 1 lw Premier League Australian 88
Clint Dempsey 2 scheduled tribe mls America 86
sydney govu 2 rw league 1 France 87
Dirk Kuyt 1 rw Premier League Netherlands 88
Jurgen Kohler 2 cb Bundesliga Bundesliga 90
Jean-Pierre Papin 1 scheduled tribe league 1 France 90
hidetoshi nakata 2 cam serie a Japan 88
Rudi Voller 1 scheduled tribe serie a Germany 91
eb smolrek 2 scheduled tribe Ekstraklasa poland 88
Saeed Al-Owairan 1 cam Saudi Professional League Saudi Arab 88
hail hail okocha 2 cam league 1 Nigeria 89
jon capdevila 2 LB Laliga spain 88
al jaber 2 scheduled tribe Saudi Professional League Saudi Arab 87

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Image credits: EA Sports

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