What are FIFA 23 TOTY Icons? Alternate Reality Icons explained

FIFA 23’s TOTY Promo is the most exciting event for Ultimate Team players and this year new TOTY Icons and Alternate Reality Icons may come into play. Let’s take a look at what these new cards could be.

FIFA 23’s much-anticipated TOTY promo is just days away from the launch and it’s shaping up to be the most hyped team event of the year yet. Ultimate Team fans can expect a set of enhanced cards to honor the past year’s best performers, but that’s not all.

FIFA 23 leak hints at the arrival of new cards alongside the classic blue TOTY cards. With the possibility of TOTY Icons and Alternate Reality Icons being in the packs, players will have great opportunities to improve their FUT squads.

Here’s everything you need to know about TOTY Icons in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Leak Suggests TOTY Icons Coming to Ultimate Team

according to footscoreboard New card types called TOTY Icon and Alternate Reality Icon are coming to FIFA 23 with TOTY Promo, The information was later confirmed by renowned leaker DonkTrading.

The TOTY promo will begin on January 20, and will be a multi-week promo.

There’s no telling when these new icon variations might make their way into packs. Once ea Reveal official information regarding TOTY Icons, we’ll let you know when they make their way to FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 TOTY Icons Leak Concept Explained

TOTY ICON may be a new version of the highly sought after ICON card in the Ultimate Team that comes with TOTY Promo.

Typically, the Base, Mid, and Prime versions of Icon Player appear in FUT. However, FIFA 23 introduced the new WC Icon concept, taking the number of Icon cards to four for a smaller group of players.

The TOTY Icon concept may mirror the WC Icon concept, adding another Icon card to the game for select players. Rumors have it that some of the top players who missed out on WC token cards will receive a TOTY token card in honor of their past victories.

These players include Ronaldinho, Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres. At the moment these are only rumors and it is not being told who will get TOTY Icon.

What are the alternate reality icons leaked in FIFA 23?

Alternate reality icons could further shake up the icon concept in FIFA 23. According to leaks, these alternate reality icons may also come during the TOTY promo. If the rumors are true, FIFA 23’s TOTY could be the best promo in years with new icon cards and opportunities to pack TOTY players.

The alternate reality mark concept remains a mystery, but players have put together two hypotheses. The first predicts that alternate reality symbols may present the symbol in an alternate state as seen in the image above.

The second prophecy suggests that the alternate reality Icon will provide Icon cards for players whose careers take an unexpected turn. In this version, Alternate Reality Icon cards would be awarded to players who failed to reach their untapped potential.

Once again, these are only leaks at the moment but we’ll provide an update as and when more FIFA 23 TOTY information emerges.

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Image credits: EA Sports

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