Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 3.19.15 Free Download

Today we have shared Ultimate Addon for WPBakery Page Builder for free download. This plugin adds many premium elements to your WPBakery Page Builder On top of the built-ins provided by WPBakery. Every single element in the package has been crafted with utmost attention to details and with a simple aim of giving you the best experience.

addon elements –

Sign – You can use this element to integrate a simple icon (both font and image type) into your page and use it however you want. or you can use WPBakery Page Builder Display a list of grids and logos of your customers, partners, sponsors, etc.

information box Perhaps the most popular trend at the moment, info boxes really set your website apart by helping to highlight the important things you have to offer.

information list Traditional HTML lists are boring, aren’t they? This element only reimagines lists. You can take an opportunity and use its great design to showcase some process or highlight your most popular/relevant products, services and features.

flip box This element perfectly combines the power of the “info box” and “call to action” blocks. On the front, it will look like a normal information box, but as soon as the visitor hovers over the block, it flips over with a nice CSS3 effect and shows a call to action section, prompting him to take the call.

counter – Do you want to show your milestones, achievements and any other numerical statistics with animated numbers? This element will help!

Interactive Banner – Sometimes, image banners come in handy as they are a very convenient and clear way to get your message across. This element will display those image blocks in a nice and interactive way.

Modal Popup Box – This is a very useful element that can go on any website. Create modal popup boxes and embed anything you want inside the popup box through the easy WYSIWYG editor.

timeline – Display a Facebook-style timeline or simply showcase your features, process or highlights with a little creativity. We’ve made special efforts with custom JavaScript and CSS code to make it as perfect as possible.

Extended Google Maps – WPBakery page builder comes with Google Maps element by default. But our extended Google Maps element uses the latest API and allows you to do much more with it. Upload marker images, write custom HTML in the map info box, and control everything that comes with the map.

row background –

Creative backgrounds really set the tone for your website. That’s why we provide you with handy tools that will help you get used to them quickly.

features –

fixed image background
– Keeps the image fixed in place while the other content continues to scroll.

vertical and horizontal parallax
– The background moves at a different speed and direction from your content on scroll.

hover over parallax
– Background moves creatively with the movement of the cursor.

video background –
– A video plays in the background. Supports hosted as well as YouTube videos.

Multilayer Hover Parallax –
– Design a real 3D parallax. Go Ahead – Impress Your Users ,

While we believe the above six elements will immediately benefit your site, in reality not all of them are!
We are already working on a few more elements that we would like to include in this plugin when completed. We want to build this plugin as the “ultimate” source for you to get most of the essential WPBakery page builder addon elements in one package.

The long wait is finally over…Introducing WordPress Icon Font Manager!

This project was originally started with a slightly different aim of developing a functionality that would help people easily use icon fonts in their WordPress sites. But then, we realized – just providing icon font functionality wasn’t enough to turn it on. There was a need to make icon fonts even more intuitive for ordinary WordPress users and that’s when we decided to develop several WPBakery page builder elements that would make using icon fonts even easier. So – “The Ultimate Addon for WPBakery Page Builder” is technically an extension of two things; First our icon font manager and secondly, the clear one – WPBakery Page Builder ,

Features of Icon Font Manager –

Customize your own icon font – We understand that you don’t use all those hundreds of prebuilt unnecessary icons that come with any of the popular libraries like Font Awesome, Antipo, etc.; But you only care more about the few people who are more related to your business.

That’s why, we’ve made our icon font manager very compatible with the famous Ecomoon’s API, where you can create your own customized font by shortlisting your favorite icons from a choice of 2500+ icons! If those 2500+ icons still fall short, IcoMoon has you covered with its amazing feature that helps you convert your SVG designs into icon fonts.

Real time mark search – Well, many of us would like bigger numbers and more options for symbols, wouldn’t we? Although this option is indeed very fancy, it certainly comes with a pain as we cannot easily find the icon we are looking for when we need it. And that’s why we’ve integrated a real-time search feature that can help you sort through all the icon fonts you have in your library in a very smart way.

More features on the way! As said before – Icon Fonts Manager is our personal, long-term project; And we look forward to adding more features over time such as integration with WordPress’ menus, TinyMCE editor, etc. When these features are developed – they will be provided in this plugin as well.

After working so hard on this plugin for the past few weeks, We believe we have “knocked it out”, and have come up with a truly essential solution that will benefit all WPBakery page builder users. We also really love the icon font manager part of this plugin and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

minimum requirements

  • WordPress 4.3 and above
  • WPBakery Page Builder 4.8 or higher (latest version recommended)
  • If you’ve got WPBakery Page Builder as a part of your theme, make sure the Core WPBakery Page Builder plugin hasn’t been heavily modified
  • cURL must be enabled on your server

Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder Free Download

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