The Last of Us-inspired survival game The Day Before delayed over bizarre issue

The Day Before is a mystical MMO zombie shooter that has been compared to The Last of Us, and just as it was getting ready to drop its first gameplay footage, the devs have announced that the game has been massively delayed. has been hit.

It seems like the past 10-15 years of gaming have seen a wave of the undead flood the market as developers try to make the most of the latest zombie craze. The Day Before is the latest take on the genre and gamers agree that it shares many of the same qualities in the hit game and now TV show, The Last of Us.

First announced in early 2021, not much has been seen or heard about The Day Before, and the game was quickly inching towards a March 2023 release window.

However a complication has arisen and Funtastic, the team behind the game, has had to disappoint hopeful players with an even longer wait.

In a tweet on January 25, 2023, the devs had this to say about the status of the game: “Dear fans! Right before release, Steam blocked our game page at the request of a private individual because of the name The Day Before.

“As you know, our game was announced in January 2021. At the time of the announcement, The Day Before Game trademark was available. After the announcement of the game, the above person filed an application with us to register the game Play Trademark the day before in the United States.

Tweet related to trademark case and the team further said that The Day Before will have to be delayed for now November 10, 2023,

“A longer gameplay video” was supposed to arrive later this month, but this too was pushed back while the team “worked out this issue first.”

Reaction to the announcement has been overwhelmingly negative, with hundreds of users finding the scenario hard to believe.

“You guys and your “swayamsevak” devs are a joke. Nobody believes a word you say,” Told one user, and another commented: “Who announces a game without getting a trademark? How many games have we heard rumors about through a trademark YEARS before the announcement?”

It’s a very interesting story that’s definitely getting more dramatic as time goes on, so we’ll be sure to follow the events of The Day Before.

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