Signal to remove SMS support from the Android app

Signal to remove SMS support

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In order to prioritize security and privacy and streamline the user experience, Signal is removing support for SMS and MMS messaging from its Android app. The Signal for Android app launches as TextSecure (an app that uses the Axolotl Ratchet protocol) and can be configured as the default SMS/MMS app. This change comes as a surprise to those who don’t know Signal can be used to manage this type of text.

Words by Signal

Signal to remove SMS support

In a blog post, one company said, “We are now at the point where SMS support no longer makes sense. We are phasing out SMS support from our Android app for a streamlined Signal experience. I am starting to.”

“To migrate from SMS to Signal, export your SMS messages to another app, and let the person you’re talking to know you want to switch to Signal or otherwise find another channel, you need a few It will take months.” – Signal.

Change in the Texting System of Android Users

The change made by Signal (removing support for SMS text messages) only supports Android users who have set Signal as their default, so Signal now exports SMS messages to Android users and switches to the new default app to send SMS messages. You are notified to manage the SMS app. When using Signal as your integrated Android texting app, both Signal and non-Signal contacts will appear in your contact list, with Signal contacts indicated in blue text.

Signal to remove SMS support

This move is primarily due to the fact that plain text SMS messages are not secure as they can be intercepted using various methods and allow mobile operators to access message metadata around the world. facilitated by Additionally, the company says it’s easy to get confused when unencrypted SMS messages sit right next to secure Signal messages on the same interface.

Privacy Standards for the Future

“We know this change is frustrating for those of us who use Signal for SMS messaging on Android in addition to sending Signal messages. I don’t take this decision lightly, but I believe it is necessary to ensure that Signal continues to meet the highest privacy standards.” – Signal.

The Final Reason

Signal said: Global South would very much like to use an overlay service instead of SMS as SMS is very expensive. Accidentally sending SMS messages instead of Signal messages can result in high phone charges in some parts of the world.

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