Secret Apex Legends Horizon nerf ruins one of her Ult’s most powerful features

Apex Legends Horizon has received a number of nerfs in the most recent update, with players discovering a major change to her ultimate ability that really favors Gibraltar.

The Apex Legends Spellbound Collection event update dropped with some new content and changes for players, including controls and the return of private matches.

In response to the update, after Horizon received an unannounced nerf, many in the community were frustrated with the devs for a lack of transparency, which was later reverted after the devs acknowledged that it was a mistake.

Unfortunately, Horizon Men will be even more disappointed to find out that yet another nerf has been discovered that the devs didn’t disclose in the update’s patch notes, which actually relaunches Gibraltar.

as well as having low accuracy when shooting enemies on his gravity lift, Apex Legends content creator bobz Have discovered a nerf to Horizon’s ultimate ability.

Previously, Horizon’s Black Hole Ultimate in Apex Legends would draw players even if objects and walls stood in the way. This made Ultimate extremely strong and dangerous, as nothing could stop players from being caught in its sphere of influence.

However, bobz has revealed that this aspect of Horizon’s Ultimate has been turned off after the Spellbound update, as the black hole now fails to pull players in if there is a wall in the way.

In fact, what makes this nerf even more insane is that players inside Gibraltar’s Dome Shield are no longer drawn by Ultimates, making it a pretty good counter against Horizon.

Horizon has been a popular pick in the game for several seasons now, but it looks like the devs have decided to reignite the character’s power. As the devs reverted to the previous shadow nerf and announced that future changes would come, perhaps this nerf is in the same boat.

Along with the Apex Legends Spellbound update, dataminers also caught hold of some new updates coming to the game, including another collection event and even Heirloom Recallers.

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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