Queen Walk guide in Clash of Clans: How to use, Army combinations, more

The Queen Walk is a popular attack strategy among Clash of Clans players who have reached Town Hall 9 and above. From army requirements to the proper placement of an archer queen, here’s everything about the queen walk in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans has been around for over a decade and it is still one of the most played mobile games in the world. You can now upgrade your Town Hall to Level 15 and make use of the countless mechanics introduced over the past ten years.

While Clash of Clans players love to switch to new attack strategies as they progress, the Queen Walk has been a popular option over the years. Even today, it’s a strategy that can help you get guaranteed stars, and mastering it gives anyone above Town Hall 9 an edge.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Queen Walk / Queen Charge attack in Clash of Clans.

What is Queen Walk in Clash of Clans?

The Queen Walk attack in Clash of Clans is placing your archer queen outside the walls and assigning 4-5 healers to her. This should make your queen practically invulnerable and you should be able to get at least one star out of it.

The Queen’s Walk is a pre-assault tactic used to clear the base’s exterior and make way for the main army. An ideal Queen Walk attack in Clash of Clans should last around 60-90 seconds and at least 25-30% of the base should be destroyed by this time before the rest of the troops can be deployed.

When used to remove unprotected structures outside the base, this attack is called a Queen Walk. However, when used to clear defenses and structures inside a base, this attack is referred to as a queen charge.

The healer who heals the Archer Queen in Clash of Clans

What level should your Archer Queen be for a successful Queen Walk in Clash of Clans?

According to the leading YouTuber judo sloth gamingFor an effective Queen Walk attack, you should upgrade your Archer Queen to the following levels:

  • Level 20 Archer Queen will attack max town hall 9 bases.
  • Level 30 Archer Queen will max-out town hall attack 10 bases.
  • Level 40 Archer Queen will attack at most Town Hall 11 bases.
  • Level 50 Archer Queen will attack at most Town Hall 12 bases.
  • Level 65 Archer Queen will attack at most Town Hall 13 Bases.

How many healers are needed for queen walk in clash of clans

For a successful Queen Walk in Clash of Clans, you must have at most five healers behind the Archer Queen. This is because the healer’s effectiveness is reduced when they are healing the same target.

Statistically, it works like this Play:

total number of doctors additional therapist effectiveness overall medical efficiency
1 100% 100%
2 100% 100%
3 90% 96.7%
4 90% 95%
5 70% 90%
6 40% 81.7%
7 10% 71.4%
8 0% 62.5%

It is clear from the chart that a sixth healer would significantly affect overall healing efficiency and result in a waste of elixir. So, train a maximum of 4-5 soldiers for Queen Walk in Clash of Clans.

Queen Walk requires soldiers in Clash of Clans

Train these troops and prepare these spells for a successful Queen Walk in Clash of Clans:

  • archer queen
  • 5 doctors
  • 5-6 wall breakers or super wall breakers if you want the queen to enter the base.
  • anger spell
  • 1-2 air units such as balloons or baby dragons
Rage spell applies to healers and archer queens

How to get queen walk in clash of clans

Follow these steps to successfully perform a Queen Walk in Clash of Clans:

  1. bring out the clan castle soldiers with a hog rider or a balloon and clear them out. If you are unable to do so, a poison spell to get them out.
  2. Choose an area that you want the Archer Queen to clear, and it should also be where the rest of your army enters the base. avoid putting him edges and instead, try starting Attack from one side.
  3. Deploy the Archer Queen and all the healers. put an aerial unit like baby dragon or a Balloon it will help with that stop air mines Which can take out the healers immediately.
  4. To funnel, place air forces around the Archer Queen on either side. This way, the Queen will focus on the middle and make way for the rest of the team.
  5. Once the archer queen is near a wall, Use a wall breaker to check the trap. After that, use the rest to break down the wall and turn Queen Walk into Queen Charge. jump spell And earthquake mantra There are alternatives. You can use the latter to break down walls and if there’s an Inferno Tower nearby.
  6. Once the archer queen reaches the middle, use anger spell On him and on practitioners for maximum benefit. This is important when multiple defenses are targeting the queen.
  7. a freeze spell very helpful in combating Inferno Towers and the archer queen of the opponent.

Avoid placing troops with the Archer Queen for this attack as it can distract the healers and stop healing her.

In this image, we can see how all healers are ignoring the Archer Queen and healing a Sorcerer:

Healers targeting Sorcerer instead of Archer Queen

Which buildings to prioritize with the Queen Walk in Clash of Clans

While every base in Clash of Clans is unique, you should focus on clearing these buildings along the Queen Walk on the various Town Hall levels:

  • town hall 9 – Opponents Archer Queen > Clan Castle > Sorcerer Tower.
  • town hall 10 – Archer Queen > Clan Castle > Inferno Tower > X-Bow
  • town hall 11 – Eagle Artillery > Archer Queen > Clan Castle > Inferno Tower > X-Bow
  • town hall 12 – Town Hall (Giga Tesla) > Eagle Artillery > Archer Queen > Clan Castle > Inferno Tower
  • Town Hall 13 – Town Hall (Giga Inferno) > Scattershot > Eagle Artillery and so on.
town hall 14 base in clash of clans

Well, that was all there was to know about Queen Walk/Queen’s Charge in Clash of Clans. For more content on the hit strategy game, check out How to Change the Home Village Scenery, How to Get Six Builders, and The Best Pets in the Game.

Image credit: Supercell / Reddit

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