Punishing Gray Raven tier list: All characters ranked from best to worst

Punishing: The Gray Raven features over 45 playable characters and it’s no surprise that some are stronger than others. If you haven’t yet put together a team that can beat the Corruptors, here’s a list of the best characters in the Punisher: Gray Raven category.

Punishing: Gray Raven by Kuro is one of the many anime-style gacha games available on mobile platforms. However, it stands out from most due to features such as lightning-fast combat, post-human character style, and house-building.

Plus, Punishing: Gray Raven has a wide variety of characters. Each character has unique abilities that can be used in battle in different ways. While end-game players can look forward to unlocking and upgrading every available unit, it is wiser for early and mid-game players to focus on a limited number of characters to save resources.

On that note, here are all the characters from Punishing: Gray Raven, in order from best to worst.

Best Character in Punishing: Gray Raven

In the table below, we’ve assigned a category to each character in Punishing: Gray Raven. S tier characters are the strongest while C tier characters are the weakest:

Tier Punished: Gray Raven Character
s 2B, 9S, A2, Lucia – Plum, Lucia – Crimson Abyss, Lee – Entropy, Liv – Luminance, Kamui – Tenebrian, Karenina – Amber, Nanami – Pulse, Bianca – Veritas, Rosetta – Arctic, Camu – Crocota, Luna – Laurel , Cue – Pavo, Chrome – Glory, Selena – Tempest, Roland – Theatrical Flame, Vera – Flare, Selena – Capriccio, Casserole – Ornate Bell
a Sophia -Silverfang, Number 21 – XXI, Bungee – Fate, Changyu – Killin, Vera – Rozen, Chrom – Arclight, Ailsa – Brilliance, Watanabe – Astral, Lucia – Dawn, Watanabe – Nightblade, Bianca – Zero, Lee – Pallfire, Kamui – Bastian, Karenina – Blast, Liv – Lux, Vanshi – Hypnos
b Nanami – Storm, Lucia – Padma
C liv – eclipse

It is known from the table that Punishment: Gray Raven There is a balanced set of characters which means that using most of them will not hinder your progress. Placed in the S and A levels are fantastic and only the Liv-Eclipse is a unit you should really avoid using.

This is mainly because Punishing: Gray Raven has an advanced combat system. From dodging attacks to framing combos, there are many elements to master. Without proper combat skills, you’ll find that even the strongest characters listed above are useless.

Punish: Gray Raven character sitting in a post-apocalyptic setting

That was our Punisher: Gray Raven tier list. For similar content, see Mythic Heroes tier list, Mario Kart tier list, and Brawl Stars tier list.

Image credit: Kuro Games

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