Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid Shields explained: Tips for max damage

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Terra Red battles are some of the most difficult battles in the game, but you can easily win them if you understand how to damage Terra Red Shields.

Whether you’re still working your way through the three main story paths in Scarlet and Violet, or you’re attempting to complete the entire Pokedex, there’s no doubt you’ve encountered Terra Raid Battles.

Tera Raid’s bases are spread across the Paldia region. Players can also take advantage of the planned Terra Raid Battle Events if they want to capture some powerful Pokémon. While powerful Pokémon are up for grabs, coming out victorious from Terra Raid Battles isn’t the easiest task.

Every Pokémon you’ll face in a Terra Red battle has a Terra Red Shield, which makes it very difficult to weaken. Here’s everything you need to know about Terra Raid Shields, including how to deal maximum damage and end battles quickly.

what is terra red shield in pokemon scarlet and violet

The Terra Red Shield in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is a Defensive mechanism that reduces the damage taken by your raid boss in your raid battle,

Once the opposing Pokémon reaches a certain HP, the Shield activates, making it more difficult to complete Terra Raid Battles. The Shield also protects the Pokémon from status moves such as Screech and Hypnosis.

while each pokemon There is a set threshold for when the shield will activate, it usually appears after the Pokémon is reduced to half its HP.

How to damage Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Terra Red Shield

data miner Anubis Calculated damage to determine how much damage a Pokémon with an active Terra Red Shield takes.

Their findings suggest that Terastalizing your Pokémon plays a major role in the damage you deal to Terra Raid bosses.

  • Not Terastalized: 20%
  • Terastalized + variety of moves: 35%
  • Terastalized + same type of move: 75%

The best case scenario involves your Terralized Pokémon using moves that match your Terra type. The shield will only block up to 25% of your damage output.

Anubis points out that if a Fire-type move would normally deal 666 damage, then using a Fire-type move would deal a Terastalized Pokémon with a Fire Terra type 500 damage (75%).

These calculations show that when it comes to planning for Terra Raid Battles, it’s best to equip your Pokémon with powerful moves that match their Terra type.

The numbers prove that it’s always best to Terralize, even if you want to use a moveset that doesn’t match your Terra type. Doing so will take 35% damage, which is an improvement from 20%.

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Image credit: Game Freak / The Pokémon Company

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