Pokemon Go launches new Raid lobby count feature

After the controversial Remote Raid Pass nerf, Niantic is trying to get Pokémon Go players to participate in more in-person raids and has introduced a new lobby count feature with mixed reception.

Amidst special events, the introduction of Pokémon, and many complaints from players, Pokémon Go added a new Raid feature, which is rolling out worldwide. Developer Niantic hasn’t made an official announcement yet, likely due to the massive backlash any social media post has received since the Remote Raid Pass nerf.

However, the new Raid feature was well received by most Pokémon Go players, although many think it is coming too late.

Pokémon Go added a raid lobby count feature

Pokémon Go players can now see how many people are in the Red lobby without having to tap on a gym. Trainers can check the Raid tab in the Nearby section to see if there are other players waiting in ongoing raids, When the lobby is empty, players will see three gray dots below the running red.

Alternatively, coaches can also see player numbers on the normal map view of the game. If the lobby is empty, the raid will appear exactly as it did before this update. If at least one player is waiting, the countdown is replaced by an icon. Of course, tapping on a running raid will also show the lobby count just like it always did.

a player on silverroad subreddit shared a screenshot showing the new feature in Pokémon Go.

After much controversy over changes to Remote Raid Pass, most players are praising this long-awaited new feature, calling it “a really cool QOL update!”

Other players celebrating the news also feel the feature is coming too late. “This would have been amazingly useful with Remote Pass. Instead, what you can’t get under a minute to join is just a tease”, said one Reddit user. Another player said, “I don’t need an indicator to tell me no one is around”.

While the new feature improves the overall experience of Pokémon Go, many fans see it as a small victory in a sea of ​​bad decisions made by Niantic this year.

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Image credit: Niantic / The Pokemon Company

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