Pokemon esports event accidentally leaks unreleased Scarlet & Violet Pokemon

At the Pokémon San Diego 2023 Regional Championships, fans of the series noticed an accidental leak showing Pokémon not currently available in Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet added a ton of new Pokémon to the franchise, bringing the total number of creatures past the 1,000 mark. Over the nine generations of Pokémon, we’ve seen lots of different and varied creatures.

The previous generation, Sword and Shield, expanded the series even further with DLC that was released long after the original games debuted. Even though there is currently no official additional content planned for Scarlet and Violet’s future, a new leak has got fans talking.

The 2023 Pokémon San Diego Regional Championships is a competitive event that sees players compete against each other in a series of different Pokémon games. During a livestream of an event, we saw new entries in the Pokédex that haven’t appeared in any of the games so far.

Twitter user @mattyoukhana_ posted a tweet to his followers explaining: “During the San Diego Regional Championship stream today, their manual sprite selector for Team Preview mistakenly showed scarlet and violet style menu sprites for Pokémon that are currently Not in the game. They probably have art for all 1008 species for the future.”

To support this, he attached a picture that actually showed sprites for six Pokémon, including Kabuto, Garbador, Vanillish, and Volbeat.

Bookending these four Pokémon are two others – but which have never been seen before in the Pokémon franchise.

The appearance of two previously unseen and unannounced Pokémon immediately sparked discussion with many believing fans to be added to the new Play In future DLC.

“Either that or those DLC’s already in development,” replied one tweet. The OP agreed that this could be a reality: “That’s also a possibility, but if I say that in the original tweet, some accounts (and YouTubers) will misunderstand my words and say that returning in DLC is confirmed. “

If they do appear, one user believes these fossils could become part of the Pokémon drop as well: “Fossil Pokémon, some initially not shown in S&V at all. Along with them newly introduced Done fossilized Pokémon should come too, Spain has a history with fossils, let’s not forget that.

As usual with such leaks, nothing is certain here and all should be considered as speculations for the time being.

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Image credits: The Pokemon Company

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