Overwatch 2 players slam “pay to lose” Widowmaker skin

The new Widowmaker ‘Medusa’ skin has been hit after Overwatch 2 players bought it during matches at a big loss.

The Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event is now in full swing, offering players a host of Greek-themed skins to unlock during Season 2. Many of the game’s heroes have received cosmetics inspired by ancient Greece, from the gods of Olympus to the mythical Beets.

These skins are considered purely cosmetic, and have no effect on Overwatch 2’s gameplay. However, one of the new skins, in particular, is offering serious damage to anyone who actually buys it.

Medusa’s skin transforms DPS hero Widowmaker into the mythical Gorgon with the iconic snakes for hair. but as overwatch 2 As supporter Brian St. Pierre, better known as Kefre, pointed out, the organization comes with some serious drawbacks.

“The new Medusa skin is so overbearing it actively punishes you for using it,” he explained on Twitter. “Not only can you hear the enemy’s footsteps, but you also can’t hide. The enemy team can hear the snakes/hairs on the Medusa skin and can deduce your location from them.”

He also shared a clip of the skin in action, the first from the perspective of an enemy player. Using the sound of snakes, he was easily able to track down a hidden Widowmaker who would have been otherwise hidden.

Then, using the skin of Medusa herself, the hiss of those same snakes covered the sound of an approaching foe.

While some felt that Ceffrey was overreacting, there were plenty of Overwatch 2 players who responded to tweets condemning the skin.

“Just when you thought the game couldn’t get any more uncompetitive,” replied fellow OW2 player KayG. cplgoon agreed, saying “Every time this game is updated I become increasingly satisfied with my decision to stop playing.”

Since this skin can only be unlocked by purchasing it from the store, other players have taken issue with the fact that they are effectively being punished for spending money on the game. Kikinkela joked, “Pay to lose, it must be the only way.”

Blizzard is yet to address this issue or whether there are any plans to reduce the sound created by the Medusa organization. In the meantime, anyone who has purchased a skin may be better off avoiding it, especially in Overwatch 2 ranked matches.

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Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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