Overwatch 2 players call for return of classic 6v6 matches

Overwatch 2 made the tough decision to switch from the classic 6v6 matches of the original to smaller 5v5 lobbies. Now, players are demanding the Overwatch they know and love to return.

When Overwatch 2 launched back in October, it came with a number of major changes from the original game that players have been enjoying for the past six years. On top of the new support, Kiriko, it also switched to the free-to-play Battle Pass model for the first time.

However, the biggest change was the removal of one of the tank roles in order to turn matches into shorter 5v5 battles.

After a few months to adapt to the new format, Overwatch 2 players are now asking for classic 6v6 matches to return in one form or another.

Reddit user ‘greattrater’ sparks debate overwatch subreddit, claiming that the game was “more fun” when there were two of each role per match. As many fellow players responded, the main issue was that 5v5 puts too much pressure on solo tanks.

“I’m honestly missing being able to peel off the side tanks and help with things when I tackle the front one,” said ‘thiskullman’. “I was always an off-tank player. Now I feel like I’m pressured to play main tank roles, which I’m not comfortable with. I miss supporting Rin as Zarya,” ‘Clever253’ agree with.

Others also felt that limiting the game to a single tank meant that there was less room for experimentation, as players would automatically gravitate towards meta characters to prevent teams from overpowering them.

Another answer said, “It sucks to play meta characters all the time.” “I love trying out new characters but when I try to play someone like Junker Queen or Hammond I just get beat out because there aren’t enough people willing to pick a non-meta tank. “

While there were also many Overwatch 2 players who preferred the shorter 5v5 matches, the best compromise was the idea of ​​adding a separate queue for those who would rather play in the old-school Overwatch lobby.

Much like how Fortnite offered the no build mode to cater to that part of the community, providing a 6v6 option would allow the community to switch between the two based on their preferences.

Of course, the main risk here would be splitting the two-player base and potentially increasing matchmaking time for both playlists.

We’ll have to wait and see if Blizzard listens to the call from the community and adds a separate 6v6 mode to Overwatch 2 Season 3 or later down the line.

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Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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