Overwatch 2 players call for massive nerfs to all-time favorite Hero

An Overwatch 2 hero who represents the franchise’s past and present is coming under fire from fans who believe he’s ruining the title and making players want to “just quit the game.”

Overwatch’s core cast is an instantly recognizable party of Heroes and they’ve only expanded since then thanks to Blizzard’s Overwatch 2.

Characters like Tracer have become household names in the gaming community and have transitioned well into sequels – along with new characters in Sojourn, Kiriko and Junker Queen.

Reception to the OG characters hasn’t been entirely positive, as one hero, in particular, is drawing the ire of the community.

With the one-hit ability of Widowmaker’s sniper rifle, Overwatch 2 players will find that hero has the potential to ruin games and prevent players from being able to exit their spawn.

“I haven’t played Overwatch 1, so [I] Don’t know how things were then…but whenever I play against Good Widow [Widowmaker players] Which kills us all, I just want to quit the game. Character [is] A disgruntled Overwatch 2 Reddit post said she’s so polarizing she looks out of place… Sojourn was less cringing when she had her one shot.

This isn’t a split opinion, though commenters came forward to vocalize their support for the Widowmaker nerfs. Play,

“The Widow has always had this effect, a good Widow ruins the fun and a bad Widow is detrimental to the team. At the start of OW1, she is a body shot, I don’t know if I’d say she’s completely badly designed, but her main weapon being a hit focused sniper, it definitely feels like she’s given a lot of thought to factors like enjoyment during the game. without having to fill the role of a sniper. And balancing it can be tough,” said the top comment.

Another player commented: “I agree with you, but I personally think that in OW2 the Widow becomes even more annoying because there is one less tank and potentially one less shield. Now, if your tank monkey or decides to do anything to get him, he’ll either have to walk away from the team or you’ll have to dive him together which requires team coordination.

One of the most popular suggestions was to normalize her health: “Personally, I think she just needs a little health, so when a teammate manages to reach her, kill her before she can.” I have an easier time,” suggested one player.

The January 5th update for Overwatch 2 just dropped, and the battle for Olympus is also raging, so the devs may be having their time, and we’ll have to see if they believe Widowmaker warrants any changes. Is.

Image credit: Blizzard

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