Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event: Start date, new game mode, skins

Overwatch 2 Season 2’s Battle Pass came with a Greek mythology theme, and it was all for the Battle for Olympus event that is almost here. Here’s everything there is to know about Overwatch 2’s Battle for Olympus event, including start and end dates, LTM, and skins.

Overwatch 2 is now well into its second season, with new hero Ramatra and the Shambly Monastery map for players to get to grips with. With January here, the Winter Wonderland event has come to a close, but Blizzard isn’t leaving players without new content for long.

Continuing the Greek mythology theme of the Battle Pass, the Battle for Olympus event is almost here. With its new skins and free-for-all game mode, here’s when the Battle for Olympus event begins and everything else you need to know.

Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus start and end dates

Overwatch 2’s Battle for Olympus event has begun January 5, 2023, And Expires two weeks later on January 19,

During this two-week event, players can advance through the Season 2 Battle Pass to earn Greek mythology-themed skins and play the new free-for-all LTM.

overwatch 2 battle for olympus limited time mode

The Battle for Olympus event centers around overwatch 2Brand new limited time mode, also known as Battle for Olympus.

This seven-player free-for-all mode gives Heroes unique abilities inspired by Greek gods, as well as visual overhauls and unique voice lines. Widowmaker turns her enemies to stone and Junker Queen as Zeus rains down lightning.

There will also be a global leaderboard for the event that ranks the Hero with the most eliminations, and they will be awarded a statuette in Ilios.

overwatch 2 battle for olympus event skins

Three of the Battle for Olympus event skins are already available in the Season 2 Battle Pass, and we expect more to hit the in-game shop during the event.

Here are the Battle for Olympus skins available in the Premium Battle Pass:

  • Legendary Poseidon Ramatra (Level 20)
  • Legendary Hades Pharah (level 60)
  • Mythic Zeus Junker Queen (level 80)

The Medusa Widowmaker skin has already hit the shop and more Greek myth-inspired skins were teased in the trailer, so we should be seeing more skins arriving throughout the event.

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