New GTA Online leak claims more GTA 6 teases are coming very soon

GTA Online data miners think they’ve found two unreleased teasers for GTA 6 hidden deep within the code of two previous updates to the game.

GTA 6 is arguably the most anticipated game that is currently in development and fans are still desperate to find every little hint or detail about Rockstar’s next game.

Following the massive gameplay leak in early 2022, players have been keeping a keen eye on the developer’s every move as they patiently await the official reveal of GTA 6.

Now, dataminers think they’ve found another subtle tease for GTA 6 hidden within the game files for GTA Online.

A Twitter post shared by Nikhil revealed that the GTA Online code from two of its major updates actually contained references to Vice City, the fictional version of Miami that we saw detailed during the footage leak.

The LS tuner update from 2021 included a mention of the Vice City Mambas decal for local soccer team Vectre, which appeared on several posters in both GTA Vice City and San Andreas.

While this could be marked as a simple Easter egg for fans to find one day, the same cannot be said for the Vice City Metro Mule artwork that was found in the Arena Wars update from 2018.

The transportation company hasn’t featured in the series at all up to this point, but eagle-eyed fans will note that it was heavily featured in leaked GTA 6 gameplay, both on posters and on the side of vehicles.

The inclusion of these two in the files for GTA Online may indicate Rock Star are preparing to release in-game teases for their next game in the lead up to the big reveal. The developer has a long history of teasing new projects in its games, with references to GTA 5’s Los Santos appearing in GTA 4 long before its announcement.

Various leaks and reports have claimed that GTA 6’s release is still years away, but fans will be excited by the possibility that the devs are already teasing, as it could mean that the reveal is not too far away.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games

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