Marvel Snap: Best Pool 1 decks for beginners

Marvel Snap seems to have a very basic meta but things can get pretty complicated as you unlock new cards. Here is a list of the best decks for Marvel Snap beginners that you can build with only Pool 1 card.

Since its release in October 2022, Marvel Snap has gained unprecedented popularity as a card game. There are tons of cards that are based on Marvel characters and as a result, each match forces you to come up with a unique strategy.

As a beginner, building a deck in Marvel Snap can undoubtedly be a daunting task. You unlock cards randomly and with them, you are expected to not only create brilliant offensive strategies but also learn how to defend a certain position.

This guide will reveal the best Pool 1 decks in Marvel Snap that you can use for early success and unlocking better cards.

Best Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deck for Beginners

In the beginning, Marvel Snap decks rely more on the individual strength of cards rather than team synergy. Naturally, this changes as you unlock cards with more complex abilities and playstyles.

Therefore, in the list below, we will talk about each card individually and specify how you should play it for best results. Note that whenever we’ve mentioned terms like 1-3, 6-9, or 3-5, we’re talking about the card’s Energy to Power ratio.

control deck

The Control Deck in Marvel Snap contains these cards:

  • Korg – Ruin one of the opponent’s draws by replacing them with a Rock. Can be highly beneficial in later turns.
  • night crawler – Move this card once to gain additional mobility.
  • Angela – Buff cards that are played in its place. Angela pairing up with Nightcrawler (Angela > Nightcrawler > Moving Nightcrawler) is a great strategy that allows you to buff multiple cards.
  • yondu – High Risk – High reward card that can remove the opponent’s top card.
  • cable – Removes the opponent’s bottom card. When used with Yondu, this card can help reduce the number of cards your opponent has.
  • Scarlet Witch – If you stumble upon a spot that doesn’t take advantage of any of your cards, use Scarlet Witch to replace it. You can also use it when the opponent is gaining a lot of advantage from a position.
  • wolfsbane – For maximum value, use it in a lane with at least two cards.
  • Cosmo – Helps you avoid OnReveal abilities.
  • sorceress – Removes the abilities of all cards in play on a space. This card is a great counter to Iron Man.
  • jessica jones – Ideal for mid-turn, as you get a +4 power buff if you don’t play a card on the same space after JJ.
  • white Tiger – Summons a 7-power tiger on one of the two remaining spaces.
  • Odin – Play Odin after White Tiger to reuse 7-Power Tiger’s ability.

Overall, this Marvel Snap deck will encourage beginners to control their opponent’s moves by actively changing elements of the match. There are tons of combos you can get with starter cards. From combining Angela with Nightcrawler to playing Odin after White Tiger, the attack strategies are certainly flexible and effective.

Control Deck in Marvel Snap for Dummies

cajar deck

The Qajar deck in Marvel Snap revolves around the Qajar card itself. This is because Kazar grants +1 power to all 1-cost cards and makes them valuable significantly. Also, you want Blue Marvel which provides another +1 power buff to all your cards.

You also want Onslaught, a card that doubles the effects it plays on a space. Lastly, be sure to include Armor as it will protect your cards from the opponent’s Killmonger.

So, keep Kazar, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught in one lane and spread your 1-power cards across the rest.

Here is an example from a Qajar deck:

  • antman
  • Squirrel girl
  • Korg
  • night crawler
  • Angela
  • shield
  • Scarlet Witch
  • wolfsbane
  • captain America
  • Kajar
  • blue miracle
  • assault

Given that cards are randomly unlocked marvel snap, feel free to make adjustments according to your collection. What’s more important here is to stick to a core strategy that involves buffing the majority of the team through Kazar, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught.

cajar deck in marvel snap for beginners

tempo deck

The tempo deck in Marvel decks encourages beginners to set the tempo of the game from the very first move with these cards:

  • Hawkeye – Instantly becomes the most valuable 1-3 cards in Marvel Snap when you next play a card in the same space.
  • Korg
  • night crawler
  • Angela – Be sure to perform the Nightcrawler + Angela combo mentioned above for the most value.
  • Medusa – Play Hawkeye and Medusa in the mid lane to get seven Powers right away.
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Lizard – A bit complicated card to play but well worth the effort once you get the hang of it. You can either play this towards the end to get a 2-5 value or at the beginning to force the opponent to play at least four cards in the position.
  • mr fantastic – Should be placed in the middle lane for maximum value.
  • captain America – Buffs all cards on location.
  • jessica jones – Just don’t play any card on the same spot after that and you can easily get 4-8.
  • iron Man – Simply doubles the power of a location and is one of the best Marvel Snap cards.
  • america chavez – Not only a strong 6-9 card, but also allows you to draw with 11 cards in the first five turns.

To see Tempo Deck in action, you can check out this gameplay guide by well-known YouTuber Alexander Koccia:

movement deck

As the name suggests, this Marvel Snap deck expects you to shuffle your cards continuously and surprise the opponent till the end.

Marvel Snap novices will need these cards to set up the Movement deck:

  • iron Fist
  • night crawler
  • multiple man – Key component of this deck. Put Iron Fist first on the turn and then follow up with Multiple Man to make the most of its duplication abilities.
  • dr strange – Another card that helps with movement.
  • hulk buster – Acts as a support card for multiple mans.
  • Heimdall – Another card that will help you create more and more Man Clones.
  • american chavez
  • sorceress
  • miles morales spiderman – Given that this deck is based largely on speed, you could easily make this card a 3-5 value.
  • Angela
  • forge
  • crucifixion – Receives two power points when a card is moved on its space.

The YouTuber sample came with the movement deck mentioned above, and to see it in action, here’s his detailed gameplay with it:

hybrid starter deck

Hybrid decks include Marvel Snap cards that provide movement, control, and buffs. If you have been impressed by all the decks mentioned above and couldn’t choose one, then this deck might be for you.

Here is the list of cards:

  • antman
  • Hawkeye
  • night crawler
  • quick silver
  • colossus
  • guard
  • mr fantastic
  • the Punisher
  • Kajar
  • iron Man
  • blue miracle
  • Spectrum

how to play:

Your goal with this deck is to lay down all 1-power cards first and then surprise the opponent by buffing them with Kazar. Interestingly, when you’re playing the Czar card, even a Korg Rock won’t do much damage because you’ll be able to buff it.

The rest of the cards in this deck use the strategies mentioned above. While Colossus is a control-heavy card, Nightcrawler delivers speed boosts. Overall, you will have at your disposal a flexible deck that is capable enough to counter most meta decks.

Best Starter Deck for Marvel Snap Beginners

Well, these were some great starting decks for Marvel Snap players who are still in Pool 1. For similar content, you can check out Best Genshin Impact Characters, Best Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, and Archero Tier List.

Image credit: Newverse

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