Is there Proximity Chat in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends has a wide range of user-friendly features and has pioneered many innovations that have been used in other battle royales, but has Respawn’s shooter yet welcomed proximity chat into the fold?

Thanks to escape from tarkovAnd more recently in Warzone 2, proximity chat is becoming a bigger and more sought after deal by the other. top legends Season 16 of the battle royale title from Respawn continues to flourish and is coming to a close.

Proximity chat allows players to talk with each other after coming within a certain range of each other on the battlefield, and it allows for social media-worthy chatter as well as being near an enemy. It can also give birth to knowledge.

The added audio element is making online play feel more alive and closely connected than ever, so the question begs, does Apex Legends follow suit?

Is there proximity chat in Apex Legends?

Despite players’ persistent pleas to join the recent trend, at least for the time being, Apex Legends doesn’t have proximity chat,

The hero-based battle royale shooter uses basic voice chat and party chat to allow teammates to communicate with each other, but has no form of proximity chat. Play,

Then again, with some of the most popular battle royale competitors providing this service, this could potentially cause players to drift to other options that offer proximity chat.

Apex Legends fans can dream because although Warzone 2 launched with Proximity Chat, Fortnite did not. The feature was only implemented later, which means the same treatment could be in store for Apex Legends.

While we wait and see whether Respawn Entertainment decides to add proximity chat to the game, why not take a look at some of our other Apex Legends content?

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