Is The Kid LAROI coming to Fortnite? Release date rumors & concert

A new Fortnite report suggests that Epic Games is teaming up with Australian rapper and singer The Kid LaRoi to bring a new in-game concert event to the Battle Royale title.

Fortnite is known for its many crossovers that have brought a lot of new content to Battle Royale, including fictional characters like Spider-Man and popular content creators like MrBeast.

Epic Games has hosted in-game concert events collaborating with stars like Ariana Grande, and the devs are now planning a new concert with Australian music artist The Kid LaRoi in Fortnite.

When is the Fortnite x The Kid LAROI crossover?

according to a report by insider gamingThe collaboration between Fortnite and The Kid Laroi will continue January 24 or January 25Days after the Dead Space crossover.

There will reportedly be an in-game concert similar to Ariana Grande’s, and music from the event could remain playable in the game for a full month after the concert ends.

What will happen in the Fortnite x The Kid LAROI crossover?

Other than the concert itself, there are no other details on what The Kid LAROI Fortnite crossover will include at Epic Games. There is speculation that new in-game cosmetic items will be available for purchase in the Item Shop.

This makes sense since Ariana Grande’s skin was also available during her crossover. Of course, all of this speculation is based on leaks at this point in time, so it should be taken with a grain of salt until Epic Games confirms this information officially.

We’ll keep checking back for more details about The Kid LAROI and the Fortnite collaboration and will be sure to update this article as they emerge.

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Image credits: Epic Games / Youtube: MTV UK

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