Is Sons of the Forest multiplayer? How to play with friends

Sons of the Forest is definitely an experience you don’t want to have alone, so how can you play with friends, and is the game even multiplayer? Luckily we have answers.

The 2014 release of Sons of the Forest and Night Game is the highly anticipated sequel to Sons of the Forest, which became a hugely popular survival horror game.

Sons of the Forest looks to continue this popularity, with another terrifying experience that requires players to not only uncover its mysterious story but also survive on a remote island by crafting and fending off cannibals Is.

Forrest has allowed players to experience the journey with friends via multiplayer, so it’s worth wondering if Sons of Forrest will do the same.

Here’s everything you need to know about multiplayer in Sons of the Forest.

Does Sons of the Forest have multiplayer?

son of the forest is officially multiplayeras players can Team up with up to 8 friends To survive, build and explore the remote island. Players can even hurt and kill each other, so make sure you have your co-op partners on your side.

Plus, although it’s not technically multiplayer, Sons of the Forest has AI companions who can help you on your journey, making the solo experience less lonely. If you don’t want to have an AI companion to make the playthrough difficult, you can simply kill them to cut ties.

Sons of the Forest also offers an AI companion, here’s Calvin.

How to play Sons of the Forest with friends

Currently, there is no official information on how players will be able to play with their friends in Sons of the Forest, but it will likely work similar to the previous title, The Forest.

If so, players simply need to choose multiplayer in the game’s main menu and select “Peer to Peer”, which allows you to play with up to 8 friends. You can host or join a game. If you want to play with more players, you can run a dedicated server through Steam.

Sons of the Forest will launch exclusively on PC, so you’ll also need to meet the recommended or minimum requirements to play with friends.

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