Is Resident Evil 5 getting a remake? Controversy explained

Since the success of Resident Evil 4 Remake, many fans of Capcom’s survival horror franchise have been wondering if Resident Evil 5 is next, but there are some controversies that could put that to rest.

Resident Evil 4 received a beautiful remake that took the gaming community by storm, garnering amazing reviews. Capcom brought the iconic title back in 2023 and modernized it, but this isn’t the first time they’ve done so, with the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes receiving similar acclaim.

While Resident Evil 9 is still in the works to follow the franchise’s most recent addition to The Village, many players are wondering if any other Resident Evil games will be remade, specifically Resident Evil 5.

That said, controversy surrounds the title, so let’s focus on the details of whether Resident Evil 5 is getting a remake.

resident evil 5 brawl

Resident Evil 5’s story received major complaints of racism when it was revealed, as Capcom was criticized for its portrayal of African zombies against a white, American protagonist in Chris Redfield.

One e3 trailer The initial release for the game in 2007 sparked controversy after it featured Chris Redfield fighting against fully African zombies in a remote village. Following the backlash, the devs released a second trailer that featured a more diverse group of enemies and included the game’s second playable character, Sheva, an African BSAA agent.

While Capcom was accused of including Sheva to counter the allegations, Karen Dyer, the voice and motion capture artist for Sheva, insisted that the character was in development prior to the allegations and that the game was portrayed in a racially negative manner. Wasn’t run from.

Resident Evil 5 introduced players to both Chris and Sheva as playable characters in co-op.

The developers took the controversy and backlash, making further development changes in an attempt to move away from the controversy. When the game was finally released, it was a success, but the stigma was never truly overturned.

Will there be a Resident Evil 5 remake?

as told by game makerCapcom has now admitted that “measures have been taken to prevent controversies like the race flap that prevented Resident Evil 5 from happening again.”

If this is true, it’s unlikely that a remake of Resident Evil 5 will appear, and even if it does, it could be very different from the original.

The next title to be released for the Resident Evil franchise will likely be Resident Evil 9, about which not much is known. However, if you want to stay updated, stay tuned to CharlieIntel.

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