Is Redfall crossplay? Cross-platform details

What Players Are Thinking When Bethesda and Arkane Software’s Raidfall Happens The PC and Xbox systems will feature crossplay capabilities. Here’s everything we know about its cross-platform details.

Raidfall is an upcoming open-world, co-op FPS title for 2023 that will throw players into bloody battles against hordes of dangerous vampires who are causing trouble in the titular city.

The game has been confirmed to be an Xbox and PC-exclusive title. If you’re curious about whether or not Redfall has cross-platform capabilities so players can connect with their friends across platforms then we’ve got you covered.

Does Raidfall support crossplay?

Yes, Raidfall features crossplay, so that players can join the game with their friends on both PC and Xbox. This was confirmed in an official announcement during a Q&A on the game’s Twitter page.

bethesda It clarified that crossplay will exist between “Xbox + PC Game Pass + Steam + Epic Game Store”. So, you don’t have to worry if your friends are on different platforms.

This is understandable as the game emphasizes multiplayer co-op which can include up to four online players. You and your friends will be able to choose between four different characters when going through Redfall.

However, it’s worth noting that you can’t rely on linking up with your friends to advance in the Redfall campaign as the session’s story will only progress for the host while tackling missions.

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