Is Overwatch 2 split-screen?

Overwatch 2 is known for its intense, online multiplayer action between two teams of five, but does Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 give players the option to enjoy the game in split-screen?

Even though earlier in the series some single-player content is on the way, Overwatch 2 is renowned for its fluid and fast-paced online FPS gameplay.

The follow-up to Blizzard’s hit hero shooter adds new names to an already stellar roster of talent and seeks to build on everything that made the original so successful.

Its predecessor did not have any form of split-screen multiplayer to allow players to enjoy the game locally on the same platform. Has this changed with Overwatch 2 allowing players to enjoy split screen together?

Does Overwatch 2 have split-screen multiplayer?

Like the first game, Overwatch 2, unfortunately, follows the theme of Not letting players play Overwatch 2 in split-screen,

There has been no official word from Blizzard as to why this is and with rival shooters such as Modern Warfare 2 allowing players to play via split-screen, it raises some questions as to why this is so.

As we have already mentioned, overwatch 2 will break new ground by implementing a campaign that features proper PvE content in Overwatch for the first time.

So, we’d say that it would be impossible to rule out split-screen coming to Overwatch 2 if demand was high enough. Also, it could be a feature that was always planned, but saved when time was devoted to other aspects. Going new seasons of the game eg.

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