Is Atomic Heart open world?

Atomic Heart is a new FPS title that takes place in an alternate reality Soviet Union, and if you’re wondering if the game has an open world or not, we’ve got you covered.

There are a lot of exciting games coming out in 2023, with Hogwarts Legacy getting a lot of hype from Harry Potter fans, and another upcoming title that’s generating interest is Atomic Heart.

This is the first title from developer Mundfish that puts you in an alternate version of the Soviet Union in 1955 where human labor has been replaced by robots. However, is there an open world for you in Atomic Heart?

Is Atomic Heart an open world?

Yes, Atomic Heart is an open world title, The game is set in Facility 3826, where killer robots are wreaking havoc after malfunctioning. You will be able to freely explore the facility on foot and in a car.

After you’re done with the introduction you’ll be let out into the open world with story missions, then you’ll be taken into more linear dungeons and bunkers. Completing each mission will take you back to the open world of Atomic Heart.

in an interview with IGNAtomic Heart game director Robert Bagratuni explained: “The world of Atomic Heart is huge, but creating a completely open world doesn’t always work well.”

He then added that his focus was more on story rather than giving players a large map with points of interest to explore. This was done to steer the title away from what you would normally expect from an open-world title.

Bagratuni elaborated: “When the player exits the first underground complex, where he or she is starting to become immersed in the story and understand their character’s strength, an open world awaits them.”

He promised many interesting areas in the open world, along with hidden alternate locations, and that moving from smaller areas to the larger open map would feel “seamless”.

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