Is Arenas being removed from Apex Legends? Leaks suggest Control as replacement

Apex Legends leaks and rumors are suggesting that 3v3 arenas are being removed from the free-to-play game in the near future.

Apex Legends remains one of the most popular battle royale games out there despite the massive launch of Warzone 2, still pulling a huge player base in 2022 and even increasing its streams for live player count in Season 15. breaking records.

The game offers an abundance of content to choose from with 23 legendaries, all varying in abilities and play style, as well as events such as the Wintertide Collection event. These events often bring limited-time mods, such as the fan-favorite Winter Express LTM.

As well as Battle Royale, Ranked and LTM, Apex Legends also offers players Arenas, a more strategic 3v3 round-based mode that sees players buying and battling their loadouts.

Unfortunately, this mod has been out of favor lately, not only for the community, but for the devs as well, as it hasn’t seen an update for a while. Now, the community is claiming that leaks and rumors point to the mode being removed.

Are Arenas Being Removed From Apex Legends?

According to reliable Apex Legends leaker thorn smash“He heard from sources that (the Arenas) are leaving.”

In addition, Thordon Smash also stated that Respawn “wants Control to take its place,” making it one of Apex Legends’ favorite LTMs that players want to make permanent. However, according to Thorndon’s sources, the devs are having problems getting the controls “stable”, which could potentially delay the replacement of Arenas.

The devs have also said that Control will not be permanent, but also never say never, so perhaps this is further evidence in support of taking the mod from Arenas.

When can arenas be removed from Apex Legends?

Rumors suggest that the arenas could be removed as early as Season 16, but Thorne Smash is unsure where that rumor came from, though he says it “could happen.”

despite Thorden not receiving a “hard deadline on when it would take place”. There is a rumor going around that arenas will be removed in season 16, as top player Shirohara tweeted on December 10, “They are removing arenas in S16 lol.”

Mind you, these are just leaks and rumors and nothing has been officially confirmed by Respawn Entertainment yet. We will have to wait and see how true are these leaks and rumors regarding the removal of Arenas in Apex Legends as it could potentially happen in Season 16.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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