How to use fast travel with taxis in GTA Online

GTA Online’s Los Santos is huge, and you can now use taxis to quickly travel to different locations on the map. Here’s how you can use fast travel taxis in GTA Online.

You’ll find plenty of fun activities to engage in in Los Santos once you jump into GTA Online, including gambling at the Diamond Casino, buying cool vehicles, or just general mayhem.

Since the map is very large, it can take a long time to travel back and forth from one location to another. However, it is now possible to use GTA Online Taxis for easy fast travel in Los Santos.

how to travel gta online with fast taxi

you can fast travel gta online By Pulled out my phone and called the downtown cab company. To send a taxi to your current location. once it’s there, you can Choose to go to your destination,

Here’s how to use Taxi Fast Travel in GTA Online:

  1. take out your phone In GTA Online.
  2. Call Downtown Cab Company, and wait for your taxi to arrive.
  3. Enter Taxi.
  4. Choose your destination.
  5. go to your destination by pressing a/x/enter,

Once this is done, you will be on your way to your desired destination in no time. However, this option is not free, as skipping the cab ride will cost $1000. So, you have to be ready to shell out some extra cash for this convenience.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that you can only fast travel to certain points of interest in Los Santos. Therefore, if you mark a waypoint on the map and then try to fast travel there, this feature will not work.

Additionally, fast-travel skipping in GTA Online’s taxis comes with a 48-minute cooldown. Players with a GTA Plus subscription only have to wait five minutes before they can use the feature again.

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