How to unlock Kkachi Echo skin in Overwatch 2

Here’s how Overwatch 2 players can unlock the Kakachi Echo skin during the Lunar New Year event.

Overwatch 2 Season 2 brings the Lunar New Year – Year of the Rabbit event to the game, providing players with new content starting in early 2023.

Along with a new playlist with Game Mode to enjoy for the full duration of the event, players can also get some Lunar New Year-themed skins. While some of these skins can be purchased from the in-game store, others can be earned.

Both Moira and Echo have skins that players can obtain for free. While Moira can be earned through Twitch, Echo’s raw skin may take a few more tries. With that said, here’s how you can get the Kachi Echo skin in Overwatch 2.

how to get overwatch 2 echo kakachi skin

To unlock Echo’s raw skin overwatch 2Players simply have to complete four challenges in the Year of the Rabbit event.

These Lunar New Year challenges include the following:

  • rabbit trail Win 10 games in Bounty Hunter
  • Lucky Rabbit Win 6 games in CTF or Competitive CTF
  • catch the rabbit Capture the Flag in CTF or CTF Blitz
  • Sixth time’s the charm Eliminate bounty target 6 times
  • Happy victory Win 8 games in CTF Blitz
  • Lucky Pouch- Complete 2 challenges in Lunar New Year

Four of these challenges will give you additional rewards such as a weapon charm, spray, name card and souvenir, so you can aim to complete these to unlock the Kachi Echo skin: Hare Mark, Lucky Rabbit, Shubh Vijay and Lucky Pouch,

After you complete all four challenges, players will receive the Legendary Kakachi Echo Skin in their Hero Gallery.

If you’re unable to complete these challenges, have nothing to fear, as the description for the skin also states that the Kachi Eco Cosmetic will also be available “at some point” in the shop.

That’s all for how you can unlock the Kakachi Echo skin in Overwatch 2.

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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