How to unlock classic XM8 LMG & A-91 in Battlefield 2042 All Out Warfare

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 brings even more classic weapons to All Out Warfare mode, with Battlefield Bad Company 2’s XM8 LMG and Battlefield 3’s A-91 hitting the main game. Here’s how to unlock the XM8 and A-91 in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Escalation has officially arrived with its Xbox Game Pass debut, and it brings with it brand new weapons and vehicles for players to unlock. That’s not all though, as it brings with it even more classic weapons from Portal to All Out Warfare.

With the Season 3 update, players can unlock Bad Company 2’s XM8 LMG and Battlefield 3’s A-91, so here’s how to get both in All Out Warfare.

How to Unlock the XM8 LMG in Battlefield 2042

The XM8 LMG was a Medic’s LMG in Battlefield Bad Company 2, known for its mobility and quick reload thanks to the drum mag. It hit Battlefield 2042 with Portal and finally hit All Out Warfare with the Season 3 update.

Here’s how to unlock the XM8 LMG in Battlefield 2042:

  • Complete both to unlock the XM8 LMG:
    • XM8 kills and assists with LMG or LCMG (100)
    • teammates heal or revive (60)

“This light machine gun variant of the XM8 is dangerous at medium range, thanks to its very controllable recoil and agility,” Deon said.

How to unlock the A-91 in Battlefield 2042

battlefield 2042 Season 3 also introduces the A-91, a Russian bullpup rifle used by Battlefield 3’s engineer class.

Here’s how to unlock the A-91 assault rifle in Battlefield 2042:

  • Complete both to unlock the A-91:
    • Kills and assists with A-91 or AC-42 (100)
    • Kills in one round with PKP-8B (10)

While DICE praises the A-91’s “highly controllable recoil”, they suggest players “watch out for its horizontal recoil which can make it unpredictable at times.”

If you want even more classic weapons, you can check out how to get Battlefield 3’s M16A3 and M60, as well as the P90 and GOL Sniper Magnum in Battlefield 2042.

Image credit: Activision

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