How to tame wolves & boars in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1

Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1 allows players to tame wolves and boars, so here’s how you can find these vicious creatures in the game.

Wolves and boars are once again at the heart of Fortnite’s gameplay, and with new weekly quests to complete, Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1 also adds a nice My Hero Academia crossover.

It’s been a long time since wolves and pigs were a part of Fortnite’s gameplay, and they still are in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1. So if you’re not too busy claiming capture points on Fortnite’s map, our guide should help you chase down these creatures.

Here’s our complete guide on how to tame and ride them, along with finding wolves and boars in Chapter 4, Season 1.

How to tame a boar in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1

Thanks to advancements in Fortnite, you can now tame boars in two different ways.

Here’s how to tame a boar in Fortnite using the old school method:

  1. Collect fruits or vegetables from a farm.
  2. Find a boar in the wild.
  3. Place the food near the boar and then hide.
  4. While the boar is eating, sneak up behind it.
  5. To tame a boar, press and hold the interaction button.

This stealthy approach will serve you well, as it won’t cost you any health or shield.

You can also tame a boar by timing your jump and landing perfectly on the boar to automatically tame it.

How to ride a boar in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1

Again, there’s nothing complicated about this and the Fortnite devs have made things a lot easier than they used to be. Once you’re near a boar, jump on its back and the creature is now under your control and will remain a pet after you jump.

Where to find pigs in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1

we’ve had great success finding pigs in Anvil Square POI on the Fortnite map and it seems to be almost a guarantee that pigs will appear here.

To make things a little easier, we’ve marked the exact location on the map below.

map of boar locations in fortnite

How to Tame a Wolf in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1

Again, the act of taming a wolf boils down to either a more lengthy step-by-step process, or using precise timing to get close and jump and land on it in Fortnite.

Here’s how to tame a wolf in Season 6:

  1. Move around the Fortnite Season 6 map until you find the wolf pack.
  2. kill a wolf
  3. Pick up the fallen meat from the defeated wolf.
  4. Hold down your aim button, then press fire to throw meat.
  5. A wolf will ignore you and start munching on the flesh.
  6. Approach the feasting wolf and follow the ‘tame’ sign.
  7. The wolf will now be your companion!

Your friendly wolf’s face will turn pink and be marked with an arrow above their head so you don’t get confused when fighting other wolves around the map.

how to ride a wolf in fortnite chapter 4 season 1

Just like with pigs, to ride a wolf in Fortnite you have to be able to accurately jump on its back and it will be permanently under your control.

wolves in fortnite

Where to find wolves in fortnite chapter 4 season 1.

You’ll have the best chance of spotting wolves citadel, broken slabsAnd field of frenzy, Finding them can be a bit more random in Fortnite than locating pigs, but it’s worth it.

You can see these places below.

map of wolf locations in fortnite

You can only recruit one wolf at a time PlaySo if you don’t clear out other wolves before taming it, you can quickly lose your wolf to other members of its pack.

You can also get meat by killing other animals on the map and bringing it up, but since wolves drop meat anyway, you can kill two birds with one stone.

We hope our guide helped you when it comes to hunting boars and wolves in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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