How to switch teams in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends has finally come out with a new campaign, but the biggest attraction for many has been the multiplayer mode based on tower battles. Here’s how you can always switch teams in Minecraft Legends Versus Mode to play with your friends.

Minecraft Legends has a multiplayer mode where two teams of four players compete and the side that destroys the opponent’s tower wins. To aid you in this exciting battle, there are many elements such as mounts, mobs, structures and crafting.

Naturally, players all over the world want to test out this exciting multiplayer action with friends, but there’s a catch when it comes to being on the same team. Some modes allow you to switch teams directly but you will have to rely on workarounds in other modes.

On that note, let’s learn how to switch teams in Minecraft Legends’ public and private versus modes.

The Minecraft Legends campaign includes several new characters.

Can you switch teams in Minecraft Legends Public Versus Mode?

No, You Can’t Switch Teams In Minecraft Legends Public Vs. Method Because the teams are decided randomly. Match-making system keeps newcomers on a team with fewer players until a minimum number of players is needed to start Play hooks up.

Having said that, a simple trick can help you play on the same team with friends in Minecraft Legends. create a public lobby And Add only when your Friend’s team has less players. By doing this you will automatically get a place in your friend’s team which is lacking participants.

How to Switch Teams in Minecraft Legends Private Versus Mode

Follow these steps to switch teams in Minecraft Legends Private Versus Mode:

  1. Join or create a lobby private vs Method
  2. You will be placed in the Blue or Orange team.
  3. Squeeze y button Or the button you are ordered to press via the tab at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. You’ll switch teams!

Therefore, switching teams in Minecraft Legends private vs mode is as simple as Join the lobby and press Y.

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