How to see your PlayStation Wrap-Up for 2022 & unlock free Avatar

The PlayStation wrap-up for 2022 is officially here, detailing all your stats and time spent gaming on your PlayStation console. Here’s how you can watch your PlayStation wrap-up.

2022 has been a big year for gaming, with massive AAA releases like Modern Warfare 2, FIFA 23, Overwatch 2, and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The year was again a successful year for PlayStation, with God of War Ragnarok receiving several awards at The Game Awards, as well as releasing a variety of PlayStation-exclusive titles and content despite the distraction of Microsoft’s pursuit of Activision. Went.

As we near the end of 2022 and the start of the new year, with so many exciting titles to look forward to, PlayStation offered a wrap-up for players to showcase their annual stats.

How to get your PlayStation Wrap-up 2022

To get your PlayStation wrap-up for 2022, simply follow the steps below:

  1. to visit playstation termination page which can be found on blog,
  2. Sign in to your PlayStation Account with the correct email address and password.
  3. Once loaded, you’ll find four sections (Total Play Time, Top Games, Trophies Earned, and PlayStation Plus).
  4. Visit each section to get your stats, this will unlock your Wrap-Up ID Summary Card for 2022 that you can share with your friends.

The PlayStation Wrap-Up ID will summarize your year on PlayStation, including hours you’ve played, amount of games played, trophies earned, your top game of 2022, and more.

How To Get Free PlayStation Wrap-Up Avatars

Players can also receive a free Astro Bot avatar for 2022 by clicking on the All PlayStation Wrap-Up section for 2022, which showcases their PlayStation gaming achievements.

Only Scroll to bottom of summary card and you will see a title that says “You have earned an avatar.” Under this heading, there will be a PlayStation Voucher Codes You Can Redeem at PlayStation Store,

Depending on your stats, you’ll get a themed Astro Bot avatar. For example, if you’ve played a lot of shooters, you’ll get a “SHOOTER” avatar for your PlayStation Profile, which can be equipped when editing your profile.

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Image credit: PlayStation

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