How to search an Open Dumpster to find Scientist’s Research Notes in Fortnite

One of the new Paradise Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 requires you to search an open dumpster to find The Scientist’s Research Notes, and here’s how you can accomplish it.

Fortnite Chapter 3 is about to end with the Fracture live event soon, so players will have to hurry if they want to complete all of the Season 4 quests and earn XP before Chapter 4 arrives.

New Paradise Quests were added to the game in the 22.40 update patch and one of them tasks you to search through an open dumpster for The Scientist’s Research Notes. We’ll go where you need to look.

Where to find open dumpsters in fortnite

Open dumpsters can be found near buildings in Fortnite’s mapand we recommend going Tainted Towers Because there is a sizeable number of them in it. Of course, you can also find them by visiting other locations like Greasy Grove.

These dumpsters serve as ideal hiding places when you need to get away from a particularly pesky foe and are easy to identify because their lids are removed and the trash is visible from above .

Here Are All the Open Dumpsters We Found on the Site Fortnite Map:

  • west of dazzling sound
  • north of chrome intersection
  • In the center Tainted Towers
  • north of greasy grove
  • near the garage Chonkar’s Speedway
  • In the center cloudy

How to search an open dumpster to find the scientist’s research notes in Fortnite

When you look at one of these open dumpsters, A prompt will pop up that you can negotiate to dive in, the scientist’s research notes would then fall out of the open dumpster and You can raise them to complete this Paradise Quest,

After that you have to wait for the next orders which will arrive the next time you are in the battle bus. Completing this task will reward you with 32,000 XP which will help you progress through the Season 4 Battle Pass and unlock new cosmetic skins.

However, you should keep an eye out for enemies in the area where you land, as other players will attempt to complete this quest as well, even if it requires taking you out first. For this reason, we recommend that you keep some powerful weapons and healing items with you.

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