How to juggle in FIFA 23: Skill move explained

FIFA 23 players who live for flair and style will definitely need to know how to juggle as it adds the next level of trickery to your arsenal. Our FIFA 23 juggling guide will give you easy instructions on how to do it during a match.

Let’s face it, much of FIFA 23 is taken very seriously, whether it’s the 20-game sweatfest that is FUT Champions, or the grind to climb the divisions in FUT Rivals.

Ultimate Team is largely about showing off and showing off your entire team full of Ikons and other special promo cards. But whether you’re playing online, or maybe battling AI in career mode, EA gives players a lot of freedom during a match.

Unique gameplay touches make FIFA 23 gameplay quite varied, from poisonous power shots to the infamous Trivela shot, but skills are always on the agenda. Juggling during a match is always a fun maneuver if you want to flex your opponent or test a player’s abilities.

How to do juggling skills in fifa 23

There’s nothing complicated about juggling in FIFA 23, it just requires you to press buttons Tap L2 then R1 on PlayStation, or LT and then RB on Xbox,

Your first tap will start the juggling technique and each subsequent R1/RB press equals a new Keepy Appy – as it’s also known.

if you want a different way to get the ball in the air gameso can you Click R3 on the PlayStation controllerOr bucks on an xbox controller,

If you’re not satisfied with just regular juggling, you can throw some flashy moves around the world by flicking the right stick, provided your player has a high skill-driven star rating.

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