How to get Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2

The Goat Pen in Dead Island 2 is full of valuable prizes, but you’ll need the master keys to unlock every door. Here’s where to find goat pen master keys in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 has finally arrived, and players have wasted no time getting in for some co-op zombie-slaying action. The game’s main story is a bloody journey through post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, with some really bizarre missions.

There’s also a whole host of side content to discover, including locations full of valuable rewards like weapon blueprints. One of these locations is the Goat Pen House, but most of its loot is locked behind doors that require master keys to open.

Here’s how you can get the Goat Pen master keys in Dead Island 2.

dead island 2 goat pen master key location

In dead island 2The The Goat Pen Master Keys Are Actually Found In The Goat Pen’s Master Bedroom Himself during the Creature Comforts side quest. You’ll notice that master keys are also required to open the bedroom door, but there is an alternate route to the room that bypasses the door.

Goat Pen Master Keys appear only after the Creature Comforts mission is activated, where players are tasked with finding liquor and cigars to give to Curtis Sinclair. However, this objective is only available if the Death of the Party quest is completed and Curtis returns to Emma Jaunt’s house.

Dead Island 2 players head to the Got Pain for Curtis Sinclair.

How to get the Goat Pen master keys in Dead Island 2

To obtain the Goat Pen Master Key in Dead Island 2, players must enter the master bedroom through one of the windows, Luckily, this can be done fairly easily once you know where to go.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the Goat Pen Master Key in Dead Island 2:

  1. Begin the Creature Comforts side quest.
  2. Go to the master bedroom of the goat pen.
  3. From the door, turn right and go through the window.
  4. Once on the pool balcony, you’ll see another set of windows.
  5. Go through one of these to the master bedroom.
  6. Take the Goat Pen Master Keys from the bedside table.

Once you have the Goat Pen Master Key in Dead Island 2, you will have reign of the big house and access to locked rooms. It also includes a wine cellar, where you can pick up wine and cigars for Curtis.

Return to her, and she’ll reward you for your efforts with a new sniper rifle called the “Peggy,” so it’s well worth working your way through the many zombies guarding the mansion.

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