How to get Falcon Scout in Fortnite: All abilities & how to use

Fortnite’s 23.20 update has arrived, and it brings a brand new Falcon Scout item for players to equip. Here are the abilities of all the new items and how to get your hands on them.

Fortnite’s first update of 2023 is here, with v23.20 bringing new Reality Augments, the upcoming Dead Space and The Kid LAROI collab, and a brand new Falcon Scout item.

Although non-lethal, the Falcon Scout is an extremely useful item in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, so here’s how to use it, all of its abilities, and where you can find it.

How to use Falcon Scout in Fortnite: Abilities Explained

Fortnite’s Falcon Scout is remote-controlled, so using it will focus your POV on the gadget. Once activated, you’ll have full control of the Falcon Scout, but you’ll be left vulnerable, so make sure you’re not out in the open.

The Falcon Scout has a range of non-lethal capabilities FortniteAllows you to pick up items and drop teammates, open and loot chests, ping and place markers, and even “spawn” to create a radius that contains all opponents for your squad. will be marked.”

Just be aware that the Falcon Scout can be shot down by enemies and can only be flown so far from you, but you’ll be able to fly it as many times as you want.

how to get falcon scout in fortnite

Falcon Scout items can be found almost anywhere on the Fortnite map, such as “from the ground, regular chests, Oathbound chests, and supply drops.”

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the Falcon Scout in Fortnite, so just make sure to keep looting and you’ll be able to try it out for yourself.

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Image Credits: Epic Games

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