How to find Rocket League Octane cars in Fortnite

Rocket League’s Octane has arrived in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, and here’s how you can get it so you can get around the island much faster.

Fortnite Season 4 is confirmed to be Chapter 3’s final season, and Chapter’s last update patch gave players new content to dig into, including the Grapple Glider item that lets you soar longer distances.

Another new addition in the 22.40 update is Rocket League’s Octane car that previously appeared in Creative and is now available in Battle Royale mode. We will talk about how you can get this vehicle.

Where to find Rocket League Octane cars in Fortnite

Like the other vehicles in the game, you can park the Rocket League Octane Car in various places on the map, and here’s a full breakdown of where you should be looking.

Here are all the Rocket League Octane car locations Fortnite,

  • north of chromagem junction
  • In the center dazzling sound
  • on a racetrack south of chrome intersection
  • In the center Tainted Towers
  • on a beach northeast of Shimmering Shrine
  • northwest of greasy grove
  • by a stream southwest of tree of reality
  • at the northern end of rocky reels
  • on the race course Chonkar’s Speedway
  • northwest of cloudy

As the map shows, the Octane car isn’t particularly difficult to find, and it spawns in the same location at the start of each match. You can give one a test drive the next time you get into the game.

According to Epic Games, the vehicle “boasts rocket boosters, supersonic speed, and the ability to jump,” double jump, dodge, fly, and drive over walls,” it’s a great way to get around the island.

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