How to escape prison in BitLife

There are many mini-games in BitLife and mastering them can get you out of many rocky situations like prison. Here’s a guide to every prison escape in BitLife.

Considering how BitLife aims to replicate a lot of elements of real life, it’s no surprise that committing crimes like robbing a train will land you in an in-game jail. In such a situation, you can either spend your years in jail or try to get out.

BitLife prisons have different levels of security depending on the seriousness of your crime. Surprisingly, players have realized that even minimum security prisons are quite challenging, and maximum security prisons are nearly impossible to break out of.

If you are also facing similar problems, then this guide on how to escape the jails in BitLife will help you!

The prison escape mini-game in BitLife explained

When you attempt to escape from prison in BitLife, you are placed inside a grid that marks your location, the police officer’s location, and the black prison walls. The in-game instructions state that the guard moves twice for every move you make but the catch is that it tries to move horizontally first.

BitLife has several prison layouts. The easiest have a 4×4 layout with minimum security while the toughest prisons with maximum security have an 8×8 layout. To escape, you must trap the guard inside the walls and reach the exit before he catches you.

How to escape the maximum security 8×8 prison in BitLife

To give you a brief idea, we’ll show you how to escape some of the maximum security prisons in BitLife.

The neon star in the images below is your spot. The blue lines and arrows will help you to escape without attracting the attention of the security guards.

Maximum Security Prison #1:

Guide to Escape from Maximum Security Prison in BitLife

Maximum Security Gel #2:

Guide to 8x8 Layout Jailbreak in BitLife

If you’re able to crack the maximum security 8×8 prison mini-game by yourself, the rest of the medium and minimum security prisons should be no problem. This is because the move of the officer as well as your goal to trap him in the walls is the same and the difficulty is very low.

For more context, you can also watch this video by YouTuber disgusting eddie It shows how to escape most of BitLife’s prisons:

What happens after you get out of jail in BitLife?

After getting out of jail you will be free again in BitLife but you will have to live with these limitations:

  • You can’t join the army or call the police. Doing either of these will land you back in jail.
  • You will not be able to do some jobs and will not be able to adopt a child.

What happens if you fail to escape from prison in BitLife

Every move you make in the prison mini-game in BitLife adds to the years that are added to your sentence if you get caught or you surrender. This explains why you should never attempt a prison break unprepared.

how to escape from jail in bitlife

Depending on your ability to escape or time in prison, you can get these achievements in BitLife:

  • instigator – Start a prison riot.
  • escape artist – Escape from prison once.
  • midnight Express – Receive a Turkish prison sentence.
  • behind bars – spend 50 years in prison.
  • Cry Baby – Select ‘Cry’ in prison activities.
  • gangsta – Join a prison gang.
  • intimate – Make lover pregnant on conjugal journey.
  • justice – Use appeal to get out of jail legally.
  • Theseus – Maximum security 8×8 prison escape.
  • true life giver – Spent 75 years in prison.
  • pity I – Get respect by behaving well in jail.

At the end of your life in BitLife, you get a wide range of ribbons and these are related to prison:

  • Houdini ribbon – Escape from prison at least 10 times.
  • jailbird ribbon – Escape from prison once and return. Live your life in prison and you’ll find this ribbon on your grave. Make sure not to run too much as this will give you the Houdini ribbon.
  • malleable ribbon – Spend at least five years in prison.
  • scrap ribbon Get the death penalty in prison.
The Houdini Ribbon in BitLife that you get after breaking out of prison

Well, that was everything there was to know about the prison escape in BitLife. For similar content on the hit life simulator game, check out our detailed guides on DogLife, How to become a CEO at BitLife, and How to become a Model.

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