How to complete GTA Online Fooligan Jobs: All rewards

GTA Online’s December 29 update brings a new batch of Fooligan Jobs rewards, so here’s how to accept and complete Fooligan Jobs, as well as the new items on offer.

As 2023 draws to a close, Rockstar is offering GTA Online players some New Year-themed rewards to celebrate. With the 29th December update, Fulligan Jobs has been updated with a new batch of rewards, along with all the discounts and log-in bonuses.

Here’s how to accept and complete Fulligan Jobs in GTA Online, plus all the new rewards you can earn.

How to accept and complete Fulligan Jobs in GTA Online

To accept and complete Foligan Jobs in GTA Online, you will need Complete 1st dose 1 – Welcome to the mission of the circle So you have Dax as a contact on your phone. Then, call him to request a job and you’ll be assigned one of five Fulligan jobs.

There are five Fooligan jobs on offer:

  • Crop Dustin’
  • heavy metal
  • liquid assets
  • remote working
  • dismiss

These fuligan jobs task players to destroy Dax’s rivals in missions such as destroying weed crops, stealing vehicles, and killing gang leaders. You’ll only be able to complete one task per game day, which happens every 48 minutes.

All rewards for the Fooligan job in GTA Online

gta online players can earn unique award So here are all the free items and how to get them by completing the Fulligan Jobs between December 29th and January 12th:

  • ice vinyl and ice vinyl cut jacket – complete your first fulligan job
  • black And White Bigness Ski mask – Complete 10 Fulligan Jobs
  • ls smoking jacket – Complete 25 Fulligan Jobs
  • GTA $100K – Complete 3 Fulligan jobs as an aide or bodyguard

In addition, anyone who purchases or already owns an equipment upgrade for Acid Lab will receive Yellow Sn Rooster Revere Collar party shirt.

Rockstar confirmed that “all clothing and accessories will be rewarded and delivered within 72 hours of logging in after January 10th,” so don’t be concerned if they aren’t directly in your account.

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