How to complete Fortnite Season 4, Week 9 Quests: Every Season 4 challenge

As Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 comes to an end, more and more quests and challenges arrive to bring players a ton of XP into the season. With the Week 9 challenges going live, here are every quest in Fortnite Season 4.

Fortnite Season 4 is another great update for the ever-popular battle royale, adding the Evochrome weapon, the new Safe Vault, and the now-concluded FortniteMare event and Skywalker Week.

Chapter 3 is the last season before Season 4 wraps up with the Fracture event. Completing the weekly challenges can help you rank up your Battle Pass and get Super Styles with huge XP rewards, so it’s definitely worth getting stuck into them.

You can check out every Fortnite Season 4 quest below.

How to complete the fortnite season 4 week 9 quest

  • Suppressed Submachine Gun (200) – Deal 20,000 XP damage to enemies
  • Drive a vehicle into the Chrome Vortex and fly around it for 10 seconds (10) – 20,000 XP
  • Quote outside Bao Bros’ bunker (1) – 20,000 XP
  • Glide 250 meters in one shot with the Grapple Glider (250) – 20,000 XP
  • Hunt the Shiny Lure Beast (1) – 20,000 XP
  • Loot a legendary weapon from an eliminated player (1) – 20,000 XP
  • Vehicle (1) – Use Dial-a-Drop to make a call for 20,000 XP

Fortnite players won’t find the week 9 quest very challenging, but you will need to complete a few as they may not come naturally. To get started, you can check out how to enter the Chrome Vortex (just be sure to bring a vehicle) and how to get to Dial-a-Drop.

When do fortnite get new challenges?

new Fortnite Challenges drop weekly, Every Thursday at 6am PT / 9am ET / 2pm GMT,

Occasionally you may see quests being leaked early on Twitter or YouTube, but don’t attempt to complete them unless they’re live in-game, as your progress won’t count.

every fortnite season 4 challenge

Evochrome Shotgun in Fortnite Season 4

fortnite season 4 week 8 exploration

  • Collect weapons from eliminated players (2)
  • Deal damage (100) to enemies using the Shotgun from 15 meters or less.
  • Kill opponent with FireFly Jar (1)
  • Launch into the air using the launch pad in various matches (3)
  • Mark a weapon, a vehicle and a fish in one match (3)
  • Find Produce Boxes, Ice Machines or Coolers (5)
  • Throw Cow Catchers or Off-Road Tires (1)

fortnite season 4 week 7 exploration

  • Deal damage to enemies with a Pistol, Harvesting Tool, or Grenade (500)
  • Deal damage (200) to enemies with ranged weapons while riding wildlife.
  • Damage enemies with Shotgun (500)
  • Deal damage to opponents in Loot Lay (200)
  • Enter Chrome Vortex (1)
  • Pick fruit from the tree of reality (3)
  • Find the Chrome Chest in Flutter Barn or Shiny Sound (1)

fortnite season 4 week 6 quest

  • Accept a bounty from the bounty board within 30 seconds of landing (1)
  • fishing gun (1)
  • Deal damage to opponents at max health and shield (200)
  • Eliminate an opponent before the first Storm phase begins (1)
  • Fall 7 or more stories in chrome blob form (1)
  • Land on The Tilted Towers, then finish at rank 10 or better (1)
  • Phase through a chrome wall and deal damage to an opponent within 30 seconds (1)

fortnite season 4 week 5 quest

  • Collect bars to spend in a single match (100)
  • Deal damage to enemies from above (500)
  • Deal damage to opponents with Assault Rifle, Shotgun and SMG in a single match (3) XP
  • Eliminate opponents in Reality Tree or Herald’s Sanctuary (2)
  • Gain health or shields by bouncing on the bouncy Slurpshroom while Chrom (1)
  • Use D-Launchers (3)
  • Cloud Condos in a single match then visit Reality Tree (1)

fortnite season 4 week 4 quest

  • Damage to wildlife (1,000)
  • Eliminate a bounty target with the Sniper Rifle or Marksman Rifle (1)
  • Headshot opponents with the EvoChrome Shotgun or EvoChrome Burst Rifle (15)
  • Open the lock with the key and the safe in one match (2)
  • Survive the Phases of the Storm (10)
  • Throw a Launchpad in the Fluttering Barn or the Shimmering Temple (1)
  • Use Port-a-Bunker in individual matches (2)

fortnite season 4 week 3 exploration

  • Deal damage to enemies with the Marksman Rifle from at least 75 meters (150)
  • Deal damage to opponents with SMGS or Assault Rifles (1,000)
  • Deal damage to supply llamas (500)
  • Destroy Chrome Structures (100)
  • Get Shield from Jellyfish, Shield Fish, or Slurp Fish (200)
  • Land in The Driftwood and collect Bars (2)
  • Visit the Reality Tree and the Herald’s Sanctum in a single match (2)

fortnite season 4 week 2 quest

  • Deal (350) damage to players within 5 seconds of mantling
  • Deal damage to enemies with a great weapon (150)
  • Eliminate enemies when they are chromed (3)
  • Emotion for 5 seconds in The Flairship (1)
  • Receive Shields on the Reality Tree (75)
  • Open the chest or ammo boxes inside The Driftwood (3)
  • Shoot targets while ziplining (3)

fortnite season 4 week 1 quest

  • Burst through a door in cloudy condos and no sweat insurance (2)
  • Deal damage to players with level Action Shotgun or Suppressed Submachine Gun (350)
  • Eliminate a runaway boulder with a slide kick
  • Drive a variety of chrome vehicles (3)
  • Hit opponents while sliding (10)
  • Hunting different types of wild animals (3)
  • Buy an item from Panther, Mancake, or The Underwriter (1)

fortnite season 4 week 0 quest

  • Evolve EvoChrome Weapon by taking damage (5)
  • Fell Timber Pine and clear runaway boulders in a single match (2)
  • Deal damage to Loot Shark using Shotgun (500)
  • Use Chrome Splash on a Structure and Stage It in Under 5 Seconds (1)
  • Quote Flairship, The Driftwood, and No Sweat Insurance (3)
  • Eliminate enemy player within 5 seconds while running in Chrome (1)
  • Deploy Port-a-Bunker at designated location (1)
  • shop repair machine (1)

fortnite kickstart quest

  • Search chests at named locations (7)
  • Final Opponents (250)
  • Deal damage to opponent with Assault Rifles (500)
  • Visit various designated locations (5)
  • Enter vehicles in various matches or ride wild life (5)
  • Opponents eliminated (12)
  • Play Match (10)

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