How to complete FIFA 23 Ronaldo Flashback SBC

Flashback Cristiano Ronaldo is now available in FIFA 23. Naturally, Ultimate Team players are excited to complete SBC, so here’s the cheapest solution for CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo joins Lionel Messi in Flashback SBC Club as the Portuguese superstar is now available in FIFA 23. Ultimate Team players were spoiled with the release of World Cup TOT and Flashback Ronaldo SBC on December 16th.

Ronaldo has always been a great Ultimate Team card and one of the most sought after players in the game. This flashback is to honor Ronaldo’s World Cup debut with Portugal at SBC 2006.

Here’s how to complete Flashback Ronaldo SBC with the cheapest solutions.

fifa 23 flashback ronaldo stats

Flashback Ronaldo definitely brings the momentum to FIFA 23. Top players will have a blast taking advantage of their bag of tricks with 5* skill moves at their disposal. 4 * Weak Leg is also great if you plan on playing Ronaldo in RW.

Ronaldo can also be used in the middle, which is not a bad idea as his weak passing can let you down. His dribbling in tight spaces will feel incredibly responsive as you twist and turn in the box.

how to complete fifa 23 flashback ronaldo sbc

To complete this SBC, players must field four squads: Portugal, an 85-rated squad, an 87-rated squad, and an 88-rated squad. with price around 509,000 coinsRonaldo is too expensive for SBC fifa 23 players.

You can see the cheapest solution below.

Portugal requirements

  • #Portugal players: minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: minimum 84

Portugal Solution – Cost: 27,500 coins

fifa 23 ronaldo sbc portugal solution

85-rated squad requirements

85-Rated Squad Solutions – Cost: 64,850 coins

FIFA 23 Ronaldo SBC 85-Rated Squad

87-rated squad requirements

87-Rated Squad Solutions – Cost: 176,850 coins

FIFA 23 Ronaldo SBC 87-Rated Squad

88-rated squad requirements

88-Rated Squad Solutions – Cost: 239,800 coins

FIFA 23 Ronaldo SBC 88-Rated Squad

While Cristiano Ronaldo remains one of the most sought-after Ultimate Team players in FIFA 23, players will have to judge for themselves whether this Flashback SBC is worth it.

It cannot be denied that this is an expensive SBC, and it will be extremely difficult to link Ronaldo. Given that there is no club in this flashback card, only Portuguese players can contribute to their chemistry.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, comes with his trademark FIFA animations and that’s always going to be a stellar card to use regardless of his rating. If you have the fodder or coins saved up and don’t mind adding some Portuguese players to your squad, you might want to consider Flashback Ronaldo SBC.

FIFA 23 players will have two weeks to complete the Flashback Ronaldo SBC, as scheduled Expires December 30,

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Image credit: EA Sports / Footbin

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