How to complete FIFA 23 End of an Era Bale SBC: Requirements & solutions

To celebrate the end of Gareth Bale’s illustrious career, FIFA 23 players are being treated to a special SBC where they can unlock the Welshman’s End of an Era card in the Ultimate Team. Here’s How To Complete The End Of An Era Bell In FIFA 23 With The Cheapest Solutions,

Ever since FIFA 23 arrived, Ultimate Team fans have enjoyed a constant stream of promo events and exclusive SBCs to complete. With Team of the Year now in full swing, EA has gotten it right by creating yet another slate of players with dizzying statistics.

Apart from the Blue Cards squad, the FIFA 23 TOTY event also added the end of an era after former Real Madrid star Gareth Bale announced at the SBC that he would be hanging up his boots. This one-off item has given the Wales legend a huge stat boost, celebrating a career which has delivered five Champions League trophies among many other accolades.

Here’s how to complete the End of an Era SBC in FIFA 23 with the cheapest solutions for each section.

FIFA 23 Stats The End Of An Era

As is the case with all players at the end of the Era, Bell’s stats have received a healthy boost in what looks like a return to his peak years. In addition to a 93 increase in +12 rating, his shooting, pace, passing and dribbling all clock in at 90 or higher.

He has also received a weak foot upgrade, which means he can easily play anywhere in the frontline, including on the wing. Overall, the end of an era Bale is one of the best attackers in FIFA 23, so don’t be surprised to see him appearing in a lot of weekend league matches.

How to complete Fifa 23 End of Era Bell

Only need to collect two squads to earn the End of Era Bell card, which should set you back just 114,000 coins According to futbin, It’s an incredibly fair price when you consider his stats and the fact that FIFA 23’s Alchemy system allows him to slot into any team.

See a full breakdown of SBC requirements and solutions below:

83-Rated Squad

  • 85-Rated Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 83


Bale 83 Rated Squad Solutions

85-Rated Squad

  • Squad Rating: Min. 85
  • Number of players in the squad: 11


Bale 85 Rated Squad Solutions

players have Monday, February 20, 2023, to meet the end of Era Bell SBC, giving them enough time to defend their fodder from FUT champs or division rivals. Be sure to stay tuned for more SBC during the FIFA 23 TOTY promo.

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Image credit: EA Sports / Footbin

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