How to complete Cipher Quests in Fortnite: Encrypted & Unencrypted objectives, rewards, more

The Fortnite 23.50 update brings cryptic new cipher quests to complete, rewarding players for completing encrypted and unencrypted objectives. Here’s how to complete the Fortnite cipher quests and get all the rewards.

Although the launch of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is near, Epic Games is still rolling out regular updates for the battle royale title. Each new patch offers exciting crossovers like Dead Space or The Witcher as well as new weekly quests to complete.

Following the success of Most Wanted, the recent 23.50 update also brought Cipher Quests, tasking players with cracking encrypted objectives and solving clues to earn rewards.

Here’s everything there is to know about how to complete the Fortnite Cipher Quest.

How to complete the Unencrypted Cipher quest in Fortnite

Unencrypted Cipher Quest will be familiar with Fortnite Players, as these come with clear objectives to accomplish. Like the regular weekly quest, key areas are also marked on the map so you can quickly find where to get off.

A new set of Unencrypted missions will be arriving every day until March 7th, so there’s plenty to get caught up in.

Here’s every unencrypted cipher quest revealed so far:

  • Visit Bastion Outpost (3)
  • Collect Ammo from Chests (150)
  • Upgrade vehicles with off-road tires or cow catchers or (3)
  • Hit enemies with a weapon at a distance of 75 meters or more (5)
  • Get elimination with a weapon of unusual rarity or higher (3 – 4 levels)
  • Deal damage to opponents with Infantry Rifle or Six Shooter (300 – 4 steps)
  • Discovery Quest – Earn XP in Creator Made Experience (50,000)

How to complete the Encrypted Cipher quest in Fortnite

The cipher quests came in the last update before Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

While the unencrypted missions are fairly straightforward, Fortnite’s encrypted cipher quests come with “inconclusive” details. These vague objectives will provide subtle clues on how to complete them, so players will need to figure out what the quest is asking them to do.

Search Signal Solution Inspect the wall … under the eastern building … Amla Chowk

There will be a new encrypted quest every day until March 7th, and they’ll all be available until March 10th, giving players plenty of time to solve each clue.

fortnite cipher quest rewards

Completing both encrypted and unencrypted Cipher quests will earn Fortnite players free rewards. Most of these are for completing a set number of quests, so it’s important to keep track of each new set of objectives.

We’ve listed all the Fortnite Cipher Quest rewards in the table below:

reward how to unlock
keep calm (spray) Complete 7 Unencrypted Cipher quests
Order Up (loading screen) Complete 15 Unencrypted Cipher quests
deciphered (emote) Complete 24 Unencrypted Cipher quests
circuitry (wrap arms) Complete 3 Encrypted Cipher quests
Far Roar Spray (Spray) Complete a specific Encrypted Cipher Quest (TBC)

Everything you need to know about Cipher Quest in Fortnite. We will be refreshing this page regularly with latest missions, so stay tuned for updates.

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