How to become a pilot in BitLife: All pilot license test answers

To become a pilot in BitLife you need to study hard and pass the license exam. If you’re having trouble doing any of these things, you’ll easily become a pilot in BitLife with this guide.

If you took your school or vocational classes seriously then landing your dream job at BitLife is a walk in the park. If you are sure about going into a certain profession, it is best to prepare for it from the very birth of your sport.

A pilot is a very popular job among BitLife players, and why not? You will be able to travel independently and the salary will be at par with some corporate jobs. However, it is inherently a skill-based profession that you cannot expect to get after school or without any education.

On that note, here is a detailed guide on how to become a pilot in BitLife.

Steps to become a pilot in BitLife

Follow these steps to end up as a pilot in BitLife:

  1. Start Play with a character who is high smart, Other figures such as form do not matter.
  2. grow old and join High School, your goal here should be study hard every year and some include Co-curricular activities like Debate Club and Student Council.
  3. Join university After completing high school. If you have been a good student in school, you may get a scholarship. study well and get A’s too Part time job to pay for pilot license test.
  4. Join graduate School After completing university. get a degree and Apply for pilot license.
  5. go for Activities > License And take the pilot’s license test. Note that you can attempt to pass the test only after spending 40 hours in flight school.
  6. The cost of the test is around $1000 depending on your area. The money saved from a part-time job will help here.
  7. After you get your license, just go jobs See anything related to the section and airlines. Ideally, you should find a pilot trainee job And it is best to start your career in this field.
  8. If airline related tasks do not appear, restart the game or increase the age. Be sure not to age too much as Once you are above 30 pilot jobs are rarely seen.

After that, it’s all about doing your job properly and you should get promoted:

  • Pilot Trainee > Co-Pilot > Pilot > Senior Pilot > Airline Captain > Chief Pilot.

All promotions will be accompanied by a major pay bump.

Pilot Trainee Jobs in BitLife

All Pilot License Test Answers at BitLife

To become a pilot in BitLife you need to pass the pilot license test. Here is the list of all those questions and their answers which will help you to crack this exam easily:

  • What is the name of this flap on the horizontal stabilizer?
  • What is the name of this flap on the vertical stabilizer?
  • What is the force that opposes the thrust force for flight?
  • What is the force that opposes the drag force for flight?
  • What is the name of the pilot’s area in the plane?
  • What is the rotational speed of the nose of an airplane called?
  • What are the nicknames for the six basic aircraft instruments?
  • What does this airfield landing marker represent?
    • red background with a slanting yellow line – Land carefully.
    • red background with two yellow vertical lines Emergency landing only.
    • red background with x-shaped yellow lines Landing restricted.
  • What is this aircraft marshal signalling?
    • Marshal making the sign of the cross – pause.
    • Marshall has both hands in the air – Continue straight.
    • Marshall’s right arm is straight and his left arm is running up – turn left.
  • What is the name of these pitot-static and gyroscopic instruments?
    • vertical speedometer – Vertical speed indicator.
    • a device with ALT written in the center – Altimeter.
    • a device marked L and R Lean Indicator.
    • a device with an airplane symbol in the center Heading indicator.

After passing this exam, becoming a pilot will be easier than ever and you will not have to resort to methods like train robbery.

BitLife Senior Flight Attendant Jobs

That was everything there was to know about becoming a pilot in BitLife. For more guides on BitLife businesses, check out How to Be a Billionaire, a Model, a CEO, and an Actor.

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