How to beat Arlo in Pokemon Go (December 2022): Best Salamence counters and weaknesses

Pokémon Go’s Arlo has a Pokémon Horror Party in December 2022 featuring Charizard, Salamance, and Starraptor. Weaknesses.

Even though Combat Power seems like the ideal parameter to judge Pokémon in Pokémon Go, there are a number of other mechanics involved in the game’s combat system that can affect damage inflicted and received.

That’s why players shouldn’t feel intimidated when Team Rocket Go leaders like Arlo attack them with fearsome Pokémon with over 5,000 CP. When it comes down to it, a Pokemon with inferior CP can easily overcome a Pokemon that looks strong on paper.

Defeating a trainer/Pokémon depends largely on finding their type-based weaknesses and the best counters for their Pokémon.

Team Rocket leader Arlo is no exception, and here’s a list of all the weaknesses and counters that will help you take down his December 2022 Pokémon Go lineup, which includes Charizard and Salamance.

How to beat Arlo’s Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Arlo will attack you with any three of the following in Pokémon Go during December 2022:

  • mavil
  • Hello
  • starraptor
  • Charizard
  • scissor
  • granbull
  • dragonite

is restless Guaranteed to be the first to use the Pokémon ArloSo that you can always prepare for this opening round with complete consistency.

for the second fight he can choose Salamans, Starraptor or CharizardGiving Arlo some wiggle room and a potential headache for yourself if you’re not ready.

Finally, the third Pokémon is again a random choice, this time between Scissor, Granbull and Dragonite, Again, this eliminates a lot of the surprises as long as you know which three enemies you might be coming up against.

How to fight Arlo’s Mavil in Pokémon Go

Mavil is weak against earth and fire In Pokemon Go. It can learn a variety of moves but none of them are very effective against Fire-type Pokémon. In contrast, one of its faster moves called Ice Fang deals more damage against Ground-type Pokémon.

So here are some of the best Fire-type Pokémon to deal with Mavil:

  • Chandelier With Fire Spin and Overheat.
  • Enteri With Fire Fang and Overheat.
  • Moltres With Fire Spin and Overheat.
  • Mysterious With Fire Fang and Flamethrower.
  • houndoom With Fire Fang and Flamethrower.

How to battle Arlo’s Salamance, Starraptor or Charizard in Pokémon Go

Salamence Starraptor Chariot in Pokémon Go


Salamence is a Dragon-Flying-Type Pokémon that is weak to Ice, Fairy, Rock and Dragon attack. However, Ice is the best counter as it gives a doubled ‘Super Effective’ increase in power and deals 256% damage.

Having said that, Salamens can learn Fire Fang and Fire Blast which are extremely effective against Ice type Pokémon. As a result, in some situations, fairy and dragon-types may be more reliable. Salamance is most susceptible to the powers of the following Pokémon Go creatures.

  • mamoswine With powder snow and avalanches.
  • weevil With Ice Shard and Avalanche.
  • gleeson With Ice Shard/Frost Breath and Avalanche.
  • Gallerian Darmanitan With Ice Fang and Avalanche.
  • garchomp With Dragon Tale and Outrage.


Favored a normal/flying type, Staraptor is weak against many sets of Pokemon types Electric, Ice and Rock,

That’s why we went for a full line-up that focuses on these types and has been able to skip big-time elemental moves to quickly test Arlo’s Staraptor.

  • Gallerian Darmanitan with Ice Fang and Avalanche
  • gleeson With Frost Breath and Avalanche
  • mamoswine with powder snow and avalanches
  • magnezone with sparks and wild charges
  • Rhyperior with SmackDown and Rock Wrecker


is weak against every charizard rock, water and electricity Attacking with Rock is actually its biggest weakness in Pokémon Go, not Water as most players think. Fans of the game can expect a double ‘Super Effective’ effect when using Rock against Charizard as it deals with the fire and flying categories.

None of Charizard’s attacks can do significant damage to Rock-type Pokémon and there is no reason not to use them. Check out some of the best options for you to consider against the Arlo.

  • Rhyperior With SmackDown and Rock Wrecker.
  • Rampardo’s With SmackDown and Rock Slide.
  • oppressor With SmackDown and Stone Age.
  • golem With Rock Throw and Stone Age.

How to Counter Arlo’s Scissor, Granbull, or Dragonite in Pokémon Go

Scissor Granbull Dragonite in Pokémon Go


fire Scissor has the biggest and only weakness in Pokémon Go and is not effective against any of its attack types. Poison and Grass are basically benign against Scizor as it belongs to Steel and Bug types and players should avoid using them against it.

As far as Fire-type Pokémon go, there’s a lot of potential Play,

  • Moltres With Fire Spin and Overheat.
  • Enteri With Fire Fang and Overheat.
  • Mysterious With Fire Fang and Flamethrower.
  • Charizard With Fire Spin and Blast Burn.
  • darmanitan With Fire Fang and Overheat.


If you come face-to-face with a Granbull, even though it may not be as physically intimidating as other Pokémon, it can still pose a problem. This is why you need to pay attention to its weaknesses as a fairy-type – poison and steel,

We recommend the following Pokémon and go ahead to pick them up:

  • Dialga With Iron Head and Metal Claw
  • Lucario With Bullet Punch and Flash Cannon
  • metagross With Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash
  • toxicroc With Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb


Historical Dragonite has entered the fray and Dragon-type/Flying Pokémon are susceptible to it. Dragon, Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type attacks,

Here’s the best way to deal with Dragonite in Pokémon Go:

  • gleeson with lick and slime bomb
  • mamoswine with powder snow and avalanches
  • Rampardo’s with smack down and rock slide
  • oppressor with SmackDown and Stone Age
  • weevil with ice shards and avalanches

Best Team To Beat Arlo In Pokemon Go

Some Teams That Can Beat Arlo’s Lineup At Almost Every Position Rhyperior, Charizard and Metagrossor alternatively Rampardos, Entei, Chandelurand also Tyranitar, Moltres, Excadrill,

You must have a Rock-type and a Fire-type Pokémon to defeat Arlo. Charizard and Salamance are vulnerable to the former, while Scizor and Mavil are vulnerable to the latter.

How to beat Team Rocket Leaders in Pokémon Go

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Image credit: Niantic / The Pokemon Company

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