Horizon’s Gravity Lift ability gets major nerf in Apex Legends Spellbound update

Apex Legends’ Spellbound Collection event is here, bringing buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes. Although not listed in the patch notes, it brought a major nerf to Horizon’s Gravity Lift Tactical Ability.

Apex Legends Season 15 brings the latest Collection event, with Spellbound introducing Legacy of the Seer, bringing back control, and opening up private matches to all. The update also brought some changes, buffing the Prowler and turning off the G7 Scout.

However, it appears that the most important change of the update was not mentioned in the patch notes. Whether an intentional change or an accident, Horizon’s gravity lift has received a major tweak that prevents players from being completely accurate when hovering.

Previously, Horizon players were able to float and strap into the gravity lift with almost no accuracy penalty, allowing them to land every bullet while hovering in the air.

Horizon Panic in secret Apex Legends update

Horizon is one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends, most popular among Diamond, Master, and Predator players, and this is largely due to her powerful Gravity Lift ability.

But, as observed by pro player Hiss Watson, Horizon was dealt a major blow in January 10 Enchanted Collection Event Update. Now, Gravity Lift will apply the same ‘bloom’ effect as a zip line or Octane’s jump pad, making it impossible to stay accurate in the air.

Players have been asking for this nerf for some time, and most of the answers were happy to see this change. Pro player ‘Hodsick’ called it “one of the best changes I’ve seen in a long time”.

While there are concerns that the nerf was unintended and will return too soon, some speculate that it was a change made for the Season 16 update that arrived early. Respawn may soon amend the patch notes, clarifying whether or not the major nerf was intended.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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