Hogwarts Legacy Trophies & Achievements list: Xbox, PlayStation & PC

Hogwarts Legacy aims to bring a fun list of trophies and achievements to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players. We’ve noted every Hogwarts legacy achievement and trophy and how you can earn them.

When it comes to producing a line of stellar AAA titles, 2023 wants to go better than 2022, and there could be no better example than Avalanche Software’s Hogwarts Legacy.

Aspiring wizards and sorceresses will be able to don the famous robes of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and live the mystical life they’ve always wanted. From classic classes to recreations of historic locations from the franchise, make no mistake, this is bound to happen harry potter game.

That being said, Potterheads can take a look at the full list of Hogwarts Legacy Trophies and Achievements to see what to expect ahead of the game’s 2023 release.

Every Hogwarts Legacy Trophy and Achievement: PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Just keep in mind that the Hogwarts Legacy “Platinum” trophy is exclusive to PlayStation consoles and not available to Xbox and PC owners.

here is full hogwarts legacy List:

  • platinum – Earn all other trophies
  • the category that enters – Complete the introduction and end the sorting function
  • grapple with a grafforn – Tame the lord of the coast
  • The One Who Mastered Memories – View all Pensieve memories
  • holy hero – Deathly Hello Wield
  • hero of hogwarts – Defeat Ranrok
  • seeker of knowledge – Win the House Cup
  • the avenging gazelle – Complete the relationship line of Ntsai Onai
  • keeper of dragons – save a dragon
  • animal friends – Complete Poppy Sweeting’s relationship line
  • a yellow grave – Complete Sebastian Solo’s relationship line
  • flight the good flight – Beat Imelda’s time in all broom races
  • Toast of the City – Explore the Map Chamber as a Slytherin
  • good samaritan – Complete all side quests
  • challenge accepted – Complete all levels in a challenge
  • Collector’s Edition – complete all collections
  • a deep sense of magic – Invoke ancient magic for the first time
  • loom for improvement – Upgrade a piece of gear
  • root of the problem – Stun 10 different enemies using a Poison Ivy
  • nature of the beast – raise all kinds of animals
  • going through medication – Take all kinds of medicine
  • change place Plant all kinds of plants
  • third time’s the charm – Upgrade a piece of gear 3 times
  • the auror apprentice – Find the Map Chamber as Hufflepuff
  • spendthrift – spend 5 talent points
  • savvy spender – spend all talent points
  • room with a view – Access the highest point in the palace, the Headmaster’s Upper Study
  • spilled milk – Use Flipendo ten times – to tip one or more cows
  • Flu around the world – Unlock all Flue Flames
  • chased butterflies – Follow the butterflies to a treasure
  • rise to challenges – Defeat the enemies in all the battlegrounds
  • Merlin’s Beard! – Complete all Merlin Trials
  • intrepid explorer – Search all Cairn dungeons
  • along the coast – Visit Poydisier Coast
  • gryffindor in the graveyard – Find the Map Chamber as Gryffindor
  • demigod dread – Find all demigods statues
  • ends petrify the means – Defeat a total of fifty enemies using Petrificus Totalus
  • raising hopes – Reach 100’s of combos
  • finishing touches – Use ancient magic on every enemy in the game
  • magic master – learn all mantras
  • a forte for achievement – reach level 40
  • wise owl – Find Map Chamber as Ravenclaw
  • first class student – Attend your first class
  • troll with punches – Survive the troll attack on Hogsmeade
  • he is a keeper – Meet Charles Rookwood in the Map Chamber
  • rise from the ashes – save the phoenix

That’s just about everything you need to know about the Hogwarts Legacy and its list of additional objectives.

For even more Hogwarts Legacy content, we’ve answered the question of whether or not microtransactions will be in the game, as well as whether JK Rowling is set to profit from the game. Not only that, you can also find out when the game is set.

Image credits: Warner Bros.

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